Persuasive Essay: Concussions In Football

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Carson Simpson
Mrs. Gallos
English 3 Honors
24 April 2017
Concussions in Football
Although football is a very popular sport, changes need to be made. There is a lot of research and data showing head injuries in football and how they hurt the players. The NFL tries to just sweep these cases away because they know it would hurt the popularity and economical support of the sport. Head injuries and concussions are the most popular injuries in football because of the fact that they are one of the most dangerous injuries a player could have.
A concussion usually comes from a blow to the head that rattles the brain and causes it to swell. “High school and even some college programs lack the resources necessary to protect their players from concussion”(Football). …show more content…

The main change that could easily be made to help with the problem is to better the quality of the helmets used in the sport. It would not be too hard because new helmets are already being made just for the concussion cases. After this, changes could be made to the sport for safety. There will always be some dangers in the sport because it is a very high contact sport. “Despite the best efforts of the leagues, the players, and the medical and engineering communities, the incidence of injury at all levels of the game continues to increase” (Solving football’s). If changes are made, the sport will be a lot easier to like and enjoy. More people will want to be involved in the sport and it will probably bring in more funds. Throughout the next years I think changes will be made to reduce head injuries. I believe the sport of football will be changed forever for the safety of the players. I feel like the new precautions are already helping reduce head injuries. The NFL needs to follow the same concussion protocol as the lower levels of the sport. THe sport could be much safer and it should be much safer. Players deserve more protection and it should be much easier to play the sport without having any

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