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Safety for NFL Players The National Football League founded in 1920, in Canton, Ohio is a professional American football league comprised of thirty two teams. In North America, the National Football League is one of the four major professional sport leagues. But, as a result, of the physical contact that is required, the players often encounter head injuries during or following their careers. Even though the National Football League provides equipment to prevent head injuries, players are still at a high risk, leaving many fans and viewers to question whether the National Football League should be held accountable for the head injuries player’s face, or should players be responsible for their own well-beings. Due to this resurfacing…show more content…
The National Football League should be held responsible for the head injuries caused to players, because the improvement of equipment, such as helmets is possible through the use of technology. As a consequence of the physical contact that is required in the National Football League, there are a great number of players that have come to face brain injuries during or after their careers. Many players have productive careers in the National Football League, which help lead to them developing horrific health issues. The players of the National Football League play with great effort and passion until they are physically incapable. In the book, “Slow Getting Up”, author Nate Jackson gives insight to how, “In the NFL, you are alive until you are dead” (Jackson 7). By helping readers understand the mentality of many players that play in the National Football League, Nate Jackson gives reason of how the issue of head injuries has continued to resurface over time. This issue involving player safety has been a hinder to the National Football League’s reputation, because there is actually…show more content…
With the recent advances in technology the head injuries experienced by National Football League players has been made more noticeable to the public. So the public has raised an eyebrow, questioning who will take responsibility to battle the issue of brain injuries in the National Football League. This subject involving player safety isn’t anything new, “In fact, a quick search of historical press reports shows that football related concussions have been associated with deaths and debilitating injuries since the late 1800s”(Lange 178). In football one of the most important parts are player safety. In fact, players wear equipment such as helmets, to help prevent head injuries. Although the National Football League provides players with equipment to lower the possibility of current or future health issues, the chances are still high. As a result, of these circumstances players are faced with many fans and onlookers feel as if the National Football League has acted irresponsible to the issue of caring of players. But, should the National Football League be held at fault for the brain complications helmets don’t prevent? As Donald Lange explains to readers in his article, “How do we come to the conclusion that an organization has acted socially irresponsibly? Some considerations on the process of attribution and the
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