The Effects Of Concussions In Football

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Every person in the world loves football! Football has the highest rates of catastrophic head injuries (16).The long term health effects of high impact sport injures can be super dangerous. “Medical researchers at Boston University recently confirmed that 88 of 92 former NFL players donated their brains for research…”(15). “... NFL players who donate their brains for research suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy( C.T.E.), a brain disease induced by repetitive head trauma and linked to depression,aggression,impulse-control problems,memory loss, and dementia”(15). People who get injured and get concussions it can change their lives forever and will never be the same again. “I don’t think my life will ever be the same”-Bryce Monti(15). His life is forever changes because of the concussion he had previously. …show more content…

“A year later, he’s still struggling with painful headaches and he faces the possibility of permanent brain damage”(15). It has been a year and the guy still suffers from the concussion he had a year before. “ I wanted to get out there, not only for myself but for my team,” Monti says(15). Even with a concussion the players still want to get out there on the field and play, but they can’t because they have a concussion, The only way i think concussions can be solved in the smallest way is to be more careful when playing sports.Concussions are severe, some schools cut out sports due to the health risk of getting a concusion. So be careful when playing your

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