Long-Term Effects Of Concussions

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Concussions are a very serious issue. The doctors and safety officials need to treat it accordingly. Athletes should sit out long enough to allow the brain to heal completely. If a concussion is sustained to a victim at the high school or collegiate level, the patient should be ruled out for the remainder of the game, at least.

The athletes beg the health care provider to allow them to return to the game when really, there is much more at stake. Most coaches just tell the kid to shrug it off and return to the game, which is totally unacceptable. The athlete may not realize that this has gone from a sudden injury to a potentially life changing one. Some may say that the health care officials have the knowledge and know what 's best for the greater good of the patient. Also, the helmets have been made to absorb shock, but even so, why risk it? …show more content…

This shouldn 't be a life or death situation. As stated in article 2, the long term effects of concussions range from behavioral changes to cognitive difficulties. Why allow yourself to fail at the next level of your life just because of an injury sustained while at a sport. Most athletes who experience a concussion can recover completely as long as they do not return to play

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