The Importance Of E-Stem In Training

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I spend my observation hours in the training room this week. While in the training room, I learned a lot more about the e stem machine. I learned that e-stem is mainly used to reduce pain as opposed to actually healing the injured body part. The e-stem can also be used to help people recover from surgery. It is crazy thinking about all the resources we have now to help people return from injuries. We have come such a long way in helping people with technology over the years. I learned that ultrasound can help warm muscles up in spots that are hard to warm up. Since I will be taking kinesiology next semester and I am really looking forward to it. I asked Nicole what some of the content will be like in the class. Hearing about what the class will be about I realize that I will need to put a lot of time and effort into that class. …show more content…

It is really interesting that concussions can have such a profound effect on daily life even though the injury occurred a long time ago. I definitely can see how athletes would want to return to play after sustaining a concussion especially guys. The more athletes are educated about concussions, hopefully they will realize that sometimes in sports the best option is to sit out. So many athletes these days make rash decisions about injuries without thinking about the long term consequences. Guys athletes always feel like if they don’t return from an injury as soon as possible that they are weak, or letting their team down. Having said that athletes need to be informed, I know that this is no easy task. I feel that if athletes are more educated on concussions they could avoid making decisions they may later

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