High school Essays

  • Disparities In High School

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    was my first day at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ). I entered the building and silence rippled through the hall and hung in the air like heavy fog until a sharp whisper cut through. “It’s a black guy.” Those were the first four words I heard in high school and those four words have stuck with me for the past three and a half years. TJ is no stranger to the issue of race; race has been a dark stain on the history of my high school, most notably when it came under investigation

  • Softball In High School

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    During my freshman year of high school, I decided I wanted to play a sport. I had been doing different activities, from dance to soccer to gymnastics, since I was in Kindergarten, but now I wanted to try something new. As spring tryouts came around, I thought softball sounded like a good choice. I thought about trying out for the school that year, but I had never played before and did not know much about the sport, so I chose to play for a county league instead. After playing softball for a year

  • Volunteering In High School

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    School boards have been debating if high schools should require community service hours before graduation. The two main points of view on the issue have been supporting the issue, or protesting it. The ones who oppose the idea do so because forcing students may cause them to see it as homework. The ones supporting the idea think students should experience the important lesson before graduation. Volunteering can be an important experience for students, but depending on the reasoning behind it could

  • High School Job

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    at a demanding retail store. Making $12 an hour is reasonable pay considering I only have a high school diploma. $12 an hour isn’t enough to satisfy me with all that I have to deal with. The angry customers, high sales goals, along with all the operational duties that come with being a store manager, can really start to wear you down. This is the main reason why I have been motivated to go back to school to get a degree. I don’t want to see myself 5 years still working in retail. I want to enjoy

  • Running In High School

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    ahead. Be first in every race kids challenge you to. Prove to them and yourself that you’re the best on the playground. After a couple of years of this you are ready. It’s the big leagues now; you’re in high school new kids on the playground. You have to prove that you are the best in the school. Talk big tryout for cross country. Show up to practice realizes you are not as fast as you thought. Quit, but not really. Contemplate other sports. Maybe wrestling but basketball gets the girls. Tryout for

  • Moving To High School

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    this is no time to get scared or nostalgic. It’s time to take action. We’ve spent the last 12 years in school preparing the big day in May. We’re all

  • Cheating In High School

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    “If I cheat and don’t get caught, the reward is an ‘A’ in the class”. Cheating is a getaway for everyone beginning from high school to college up to graduate and professional schools. Which leads to students participating to an academic dishonesty, a violation to any educational environment with any form of cheating or participating of any kind of sharing information to others for homework, tests, and papers. It has become so common for students that cheating has branched out to different type of

  • High School Volleyball

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    my name engraved in the plate above my locker, and I glanced to the right where all of the volleyball records were posted. There, I saw my mom’s name written high on the leaderboard, and in seeing this, I couldn’t help but to think back to where this all began… I was born into a volleyball family. My dad had played volleyball

  • High School Stereotypes

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    were needed we wouldn't get displayed negatively. These improvements need to be in a few important places such as high schools, parks, and shopping venues. Are you aware my local high school doesn't even have lights for its winning football team? For the past decade my former high school has had nearly a undefeated season every year but can even play home night games at our own school because we can’t afford lights. I feel as if that shouldn't have to be an issue seeing how we soar in athletics the

  • Moving To High School

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    Sometimes high school seems like it will last forever but it is just a fleeting season, and in four years it is over. A lot of people also look forward to leaving high school and going to university. Some see it as an opportunity to get away from their parents and experience new freedoms. Others see it as the first step to being able to learn more about what they want to practice in their future career. Others look forward to impacting the new area in which they are moving to. However it is important

  • High School Narrative

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    High School High school has been pretty good to me this far. I really have not had a problem with any of my teachers, and I’ve made a lot of new friends. A big reason on why I have liked it so much is because freshman year went by like a flash. All I can really remember is moments of me showing how immature I was at that point. A big memory was me not being able to shut my mouth in my english class. The teacher was Mrs. Peterson, and I had a bunch of my good friends in the class. After the first

  • Schoo High School

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    to be more like adults. Many kids that attend high school are also working a job, in multiple extracurriculars working hard for college acceptance, playing sports, and hanging out with friends. According to Dr. Gale Gross, this type of constant activity and persistent deadlines “can add a tremendous amount of stress to anyone, not just teens”. With this added stress teens can become sleep deprived and end up becoming cynical about life, especially school (Huffington post).

  • Concussions In High School

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    pressure on us as the student, because there are some qualification the we need in order to pass senior year and get our diploma. Apart from the pressure of senior year, I had a concussion at the beginning of the school year the was unexpected, I was out for few days when I came back to school I had to catch up with all the work the I missed. It was not easy for me because I never gotten a concussion before and I play one of the dangers sports ‘Cheerleading’. The was just the beginning of my senior year

  • Should High School Sports Be Eliminated From High Schools Essay

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    GPA because to play sports players must have a 2.0 GPA or higher. Funding sports will increase participation, and as an effect more children gain life lessons. In the last article, “Should sports be eliminated from high schools” on paragraph 25 lines one and two, “High school sports give students unique experiences in which they learn the value of hardware frozen preservation dedication and commitment” As said in the text, throughout the life of play sports, students can learn certain life lessons

  • High School Softball Essay

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    your coaches, and the high-level competition? Right now, KSHSAA, Kansas State High School Activities Association, does not allow high school players to participate in both competitive and high school softball. KSHSAA needs to allow the opportunity to play both travel and high school softball because few states don’t allow playing both and Kansas is one of them, playing both betters your game, and playing travel softball on the weekend does not interfere with the high school schedule. First, Kansas

  • High School Football Dangerous

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    sport, with some players coming out unharmed and others being severally affected by it. Even though there is many different opinions about High School students playing football, the reality is that it is very dangerous for them because their bodies are still developing, it could cause them permanent damages and their brain could be very affected. High School students are around the ages of 14 to 18, which means they are still in growth. Their bodies are still developing, some of them are growing

  • High School Football Injuries

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    Library Research Essay When I played high school football the three of my four years of high school I had multiple injuries each year. The most serious injuries I had was a sprained ankle and a pulled hamstring. I never missed a game because of my injuries but I have miss some practices because of it or I was limited to the stuff I could do in practice. When I was sitting out of practice the athletic trainer would help me and tell me stuff to get my injuries in better shape. According to the National

  • Service To Junior High School

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    My next hour of service I did for the school. The school had planned on someone coming to do the scoreboard for the Junior High games. As I was walking through the gym, it turned out the person had not shown up. I volunteered to keep score for the games. I worked the A-team girls volleyball games. My job was to keep the time for the warm up, and keep the time for timeouts. I also kept score for the teams. If there was anything I would change it would be that I would be more involved in the game

  • Cady's High School Culture

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    The culture at Cady’s high school, North Shore High, is very similar to most high schools in America; filled with classes, books, clubs, and dances. While learning is the main purpose of high school, the degree of importance fluctuates within the youth culture. A few of the aspects of the culture are common music, activities such as sports, hanging out at the mall after school and teenage slang. Value is placed on the level of popularity and social status, which can also be linked to material items

  • Integrity In High School Sports

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    Belief: An athlete in a high school baseball program needs to believe in the coach’s knowledge, teaching and leadership skills in order for the team to be successful. A high school program needs to establish beliefs such as playing every pitch one pitch at a time, hustling, and having a positive mental attitude about every challenge that comes their way. These kind of beliefs have shown to be successful in past years. In order to achieve champion status, this is the way a team should strive to