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Today, a lot of teenagers and even adults are saying, “I wish I could go back and be a kid again” (Huffington Post). This suggests that while they were little they didn't fully appreciate the freedom, creativity, and opportunities that were laid before them. Now that they're older they wish they could have been given another chance in order to get a better perspective on who they want to be. Unfortunately, there is a certain point in your life when you just can't drop everything and start over, you’re stuck. The reality is that this new generation of teens are expected to be more like adults. Many kids that attend high school are also working a job, in multiple extracurriculars working hard for college acceptance, playing sports, and hanging out with friends. According to Dr. Gale Gross, this type of constant activity and persistent deadlines “can add a tremendous amount of stress to anyone, not just teens”. With this added stress teens can become sleep deprived and end up becoming cynical about life, especially school (Huffington post). …show more content…

But with all this pressure from parents to succeed and be number one, it takes a toll on kid’s ability to learn and thoroughly consider their future ambitions. Some parents exert pressure unintentionally, which can be seen when a young adult, such as a senior in high school, is trying to choose a career path. In Ellie Williams’s article, she points out that 41% of teens end up choosing their parents career or the career their parents suggest. This means almost half of all the teens in this country and around the world are choosing careers based on someone else's opinion. The result is a generation of young adults who have low self-esteem, little determination, and few ambitions of their own. How is our county, which is founded on innovation and freedom, going to cope with a bunch of

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