The Influence Of Social Media On Teens

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What social media is doing to teens Social media is a very dangerous place that makes teens feel insecure. Teens spend more than one-third of their day on social media looking at stereotypical images of “perfect” bodies and people. As a result, they become insecure about themselves because they are not like the people in the pictures. The media states that a perfect person is skinny, tan, has shiny hair, straight teeth, and completely clear skin. However, because teens are going through a lot of physical changes they do not usually look like social media 's definition of perfect and they become insecure. Social media makes teenagehood harder by creating a stereotype of what a perfect body should look like, celebrating extremely thin, unhealthy …show more content…

A recent survey “revealed that 72% of teens who use social media and have had acne agree most people their age are self-conscious about their acne on social media” (“New Survey”). 72% of people are insecure about themselves because of something that they do not have control over and something that everyone goes through eventually. This high number is due to the fact that social media influencers like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez who are known for their perfect bodies only post pictures of themselves with makeup or filters that make their skin look smooth and clear. Teens with not so clear skin get insecure because they want to be like their idols but have no control over it. The same survey also revealed that “51% of teens who have had acne feel unattractive because of their acne “ (“New Survey”) Acne is something that most people have or have had in the past and it is entirely normal but because in social media says that having perfect skin means having no acne teens feel unattractive and imperfect. In one 's teen years a lot is changing, from the way you look to the way you feel, and social media is making this transition from children to adult harder. Social Media is creating an image of what a person should look like that is not healthy and it makes the healthy human being look abnormal and unattractive. Teens are taking big risks every day in order to look like social media’s definition of perfect and it is not safe which is why it is important to not believe everything posted in this platforms and be

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