Waxed Generation Analysis

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Waxed Generation by Michael Koenigs suggests that modern day media propels teenagers towards achieving utterly unrealistic standards of beauty in unnatural ways. Michael states, “Unfortunately the times have given my generation a perverted perception of beauty.” (Koenigs) He strongly believes that the digitally enhanced images magazines put forth to show teenagers, cause the people of this generation to strive for unnatural beauty. The “bombshells” and “hunks” featured in these magazines drive teenagers into insanity as they try to achieve these impossible standards. Consequently, those who can afford it spend their money on plastic surgery, while the less privileged take matters into their own hands. Hence, 5 percent of all college-aged women …show more content…

Nowadays, a glance at a digitally enhanced magazine can brainwash teens of this era into getting cosmetic surgery. Why in the world do magazines put forth altered images as a standard of beauty? The teens who see these images often already battle self-confidence issues and these furthermore sustain the issue. They believe looking like a fake image is the only way to look beautiful, which says adverse things about the messages put out by media. This generation really is “waxed” supported along the lines of Koenigs saying, “It’s not the natural desire to look beautiful, but the unnatural standards of beauty that uniquely affect my generation.” (Koenigs) It has come to the point that so many of the so-called “beautiful” people in the world aren’t even natural. This generation needs change. Beautiful people as themselves should replace digitally enhanced images in magazines. Media should portray images of people with huge smiles as they do incredible things, instead of promoting plastic surgery. The teens growing up today should exist in a world full of encouragement. Hopefully, happiness and the mental health of adolescents will be taken into account by the media in order to make the world a place of acceptance and allow young people to

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