What Is Nature Or Nurture

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The debate over nature vs. nurture is widely known, and many psychologists are trying to understand whether our personality is derived from our genes and DNA or our everyday lives. (McLeod, Saul A). But does this phenomenon also affect our viewpoints on important societal issues? An ongoing issue in our society is the concept of a “perfect body”, but what really fits into the term perfect, how may this idea affect individuals, and most importantly where does this idea come from nature or nurture? Keeping in mind all the influences a person has while growing up, it is safe to say that nurture is the reason why the theory of a perfect body is now integrated into the society. Media, parental and peer influences all play a factor in the way a child perceives or thinks about their body, nevertheless these influences can also teach children to feel comfortable in their body, no matter how they look.
Although media is beneficial to society, it can also be harmful to the way somebody thinks of themselves. The cultivation theory states that “An important theoretical perspective in communication, is based on the idea that the views and behaviors of those who spend more time with the media, … internalize and reflect what they have …show more content…

Instead of continuing to promote unrealistic body images, companies should promote how to love oneself. Dove-Real Beauty Campaign is a perfect example of this. This campaign takes regular people with average bodies and asks them to model for their company. Dove’s motto is “Every body is beautiful” and tries to explain through testimonials and articles that one should feel comfortable and happy in their skin and feel the need to change it, because of a Victoria’s Secret model. (Dove). Another way media can use its power is by bringing awareness to the different disorders that link with self-esteem issues regarding their

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