Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away Analysis

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The main objectives in chapter 9 include the ways media attempt to influence people’s attitudes, beliefs, and/or behavior, ways media technology can be disruptive and have adverse effects on behavior, the positive and negative influences of certain kinds of media, such as advertisements or reality television programs, on self-image. Even though media is a great outlet, media has changed our generation causing effects on self-image and human interactions. Because of its pervasiveness in American culture, the media affects people in both obvious and subtle ways. Modern media comes in many different formats, including newspapers, magazines, television, social media, etc. The main media’s used are social media and television which are the main focus of chapter 9. Shirky’s article “Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away” begins to talk about a way that people investigate and draw conclusions about the intersection of technology and everyday life. While Elavia writes about how reality shows are viewer driven rather producer or network driven. One thing social media and television have in common is how much of an impact they have on today. Everywhere you look there are ‘perfect’ images being displayed representing unrealistic goals. Erin Cunningham, speaks of photo editing in the …show more content…

216 ). The Advertising Act of 2014 “aims “to direct the Federal Trade Commission to submit to Congress a report on the use, in advertising and other media for the promotion of commercial products, of images that have been altered to materially change the physical characteristics of the faces and bodies of the individuals depicted.”(Cunningham,p216) The bill received negative feedback, people claimed it to be in conflict with the First

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