Influence Of Media On Society

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Media are platforms of mass communication that can be categorized as either new of traditional media, with new media being forms of communication that make use of technologies such as the Internet, and traditional media being more conventional forms of media such as newspapers. Media, primarily new media, is getting more popular and influential, especially in today’s day and age since we are exposed to it a lot more than in the past and also since media is more easily accessible now. The media can shape our behaviours, perceptions and opinions, and it is important to know how people are influenced and impacted by it. The media can influence someone’s perception of social reality, or perceptions of beauty or even influence people’s behaviours and habits and therefore, the media does shape who we are. One way that the media can shape who we are is by influencing our perception of social reality. Social reality is a reality created through social experience, influence and social interaction, making it distinct from biological reality or individual cognitive reality, which is the result of personal thoughts and experiences. The media is able to shape our concept of social reality because it provides us with most of our understanding of what is happening around us in our social environment. The media, especially news media that make use of newspapers, television or the Internet, tends to present issues or news in simplified versions for the viewers, even if the actual issue

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