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When thinking of the media you think they are reporting the appropriate and accurate information not based on any personal opinions and feelings. Also one would not think the media would be reporting based on one side of politics or the other. The media is extremely biased when it comes to politics and news. While some of the media is conservative-biased I believe the mass media is liberal-biased. Majority of media outlets are liberal companies, media personnel and journalists will identify themselves as democrats and liberals more so than republicans or conservatives and lastly the left side (liberals) of the mass media is persuasive on what information to report. I believe the majority of media outlets are liberal companies rather than conservative. Democrats are often known as liberals while republicans are known as conservatives. Media critics say that liberal bias exists in a wide variety of media networks, …show more content…

A frame is the set up and order of a new story, with the goal of influencing the audience to favor one side or the other. Biased media frame stories can drastically change the audiences’ views and will get their ratings up. Tim Groseclose of UCLA and Jeff Milyo of the University of Missouri at Columbia have said, “For every sin of commission we believe that there are hundreds, and maybe thousands, of sins of omission – cases where a journalist chose facts or stories that only one side of the political spectrum is likely to mention.” When thinking of the media you often think they are reporting accurate information. That is not always true. The media will pick and choose which topics to discuss according to the viewer’s ratings. The news media represent the news in a manner that will leave people coming back for more. They choose carefully what they want to report and by doing so they do not spread lies within the articles but what they choose not to tell the audience. The media shares what the people

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