The Role Of Media In Presidential Elections

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In general, the media tends to cover races that are competitive, and the more competitive the race, the more likely it will be covered. Also, when races have the potential to interest viewers in other ways, such as elections in which celebrities run for office, there is a greater chance of media coverage as well. Through the use of paid media, contrast and attack ads, and the internet in general, television and media affect the choice of candidates in presidential elections in multiple ways.
In terms of paid media, as stated in “Am Gov 2015-2016,” candidates may utilize paid media in order to “emphasize their good character and their stand on important issues” (220). Sometimes the media will go so far as to analyze candidates’ personalities and end up shaping much of their public persona, in order to engage the viewers. News media also values conflict, which viewers find interesting, as well as skepticism, which leads to a certain level of analysis and interpretation of the candidates. …show more content…

Studies have shown that there is little evidence that coverage of the news is biased towards one party as a whole, though it has been shown that news media tend to be biased for those candidates ahead in the polls during an election. Regardless of its purpose, most media does not work in persuading viewers to change their opinions about an election. In fact, most potential voters pay little attention to elections, and have also already made up their mind

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