Media Bias In America

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People in America are to easily persuaded to think what other people want them to think. The media is a big part of Americans being swayed to think something. I also feel the media intentionally changes the panics opinion. I think so many things could be done to help the public think for themselves. First, the media can easily persuade the American people to think what they want for instance; in the movie Wag the Dog they make the public believe that they really are at war when everything they are showing is fake (movie). “The vast majority of journalists at these major outlets are generally liberal” and so if they are liberal they will write what they think about the situation (Washington Examiner). By them doing that they get all the American people to believe what they believe. “Some claiming that there is no such thing as media bias and that the republican candidates were just upset about the tough questioning” which is really just another one of the writers opinions. If they …show more content…

Lastly, I think there are many things that can be done to let people think for themselves and not be swayed by media. First off if there is something that is favored to one side there should be another segment of whatever that has the other side. Then people can watch it read and develop their own opinion on the situation and not be so swayed by media. By doing this I think more people would be stronger and have better communication skills because they would have a mind of their own instead of one that was brainwashed by the media. I also think that the news needs to report the actual truth about things and not make them sound as bad as they do so people will watch. The news should just stick to what really happened instead of making it so dramatic. For instance in the movie how they make people believe that guy was kidnapped over seas when he was really in prison (movie). So with that being said the media needs to cover both sides of the story while also trying to not make it so

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