Topics for Writing A+ Essays and Papers

During their time at college, students are often required to write essays, research papers, and term papers. While many find the task of writing arduous, many are troubled by the very first step of selecting a topic for the assignment.

Instructors sometimes provide a list of essay topics that students can choose from. But more often than not, they give out assignments that require students to pick their own. Thus, those with a clear idea of what they want to write about find choosing a topic a breeze. However, those who lack direction find the task insurmountable.

Finding a good topic doesn’t have to be so hard though. IPL provides a comprehensive collection of topics that students can sift through easily and choose the most ideal one from for every assignment.

Explore these sample topics across disciplines to help you write winning essays no matter what your field of study.

Popular Topics

Research papers, much like essays, are an integral part of academia and often a cause for jitters among students. While the task of writing them involves several hours of brainstorming and painstaking research, the first and one of many important aspects that students often struggle with is choosing a suitable topic.

Although instructors sometimes provide a list of topics to choose from, several assignments require students to pick their own. This can be rather nerve wracking without access to suitable resources.

But with help from IPL’s comprehensive list, finding research paper topics is no longer the struggle it used to be. Explore a wide variety of topics ranging from Sociology ones like racism to ones in Literature like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby to Biotechnology topics like genetically modified food, all in one place.

Here is a list of IPL’s most popular topics, with the best essays for those topics written by students just like you.

Literature Topics

Literature essay topics have several to choose from and include critiques as well as character and literary analyses among others.

Involving the study of texts from all over the world, literature is a fascinating discipline. However, it is as vast as it is interesting. So students majoring in the subject often find themselves torn between several options while trying to find a suitable topic for their essays.

Add to this the many different kinds of essays literature students can write and the task of picking a topic gets that much harder. So essay topics could vary from an in-depth analysis of the Commander in The Handmaid’s Tale to an argument about The Death of a Salesman being an example of social criticism of a bourgeois lifestyle.

Here is a collection of similar literature topics that students can peruse and pick from for their next essay or research paper.

Other Interesting Topics

Writing assignments in any subject can be made considerably easier by picking a topic of interest.

After students take the time to understand the scope of an essay or research paper assignment, they need to engage in the often painstaking task of choosing a topic. 

While the requirement of each assignment is different, students may find it simpler to choose a good topic by doing two things: narrowing down to something they are interested in and ensuring the availability of sufficient resources for what they want to write about.

IPL, with its wide range of interesting topics, ensures that both these steps are effortless for students of all disciplines. For instance, students majoring in Chemistry can locate intriguing topics like the chromatographic separation of amino acids, the preparation of ethanol from sucrose, or the effect of temperature on the reaction rate. Similarly, students of Psychology may find topics as diverse as brain imaging techniques and the social learning theory all in one place.

Check out assorted topics like these and several more to help you write a paper worthy of an A+ grade.

Trending Topics

Writing an academic paper or essay can feel like a demanding task no matter what the discipline of study. But choosing a good topic can considerably simplify the process and also go a long way in making a lasting impression on the instructor evaluating the assignment. 

While brainstorming ideas is certainly helpful, adding a reservoir of topics like IPL to the mix can speed up the process of finalizing one. IPL is a one-stop destination for every topic under the sun, so students can easily find the best ones for assignments across subjects in one place.

Take a look at this list of IPL’s trending topics to help you write a top-notch paper.

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How Do These Topics Help?

IPL provides a host of carefully curated topics across disciplines such as the Humanities & Social Sciences, Health & Medicine, Education, and Science & Technology.

Students can scroll through the wide array of topics to find the most suitable one based on their discipline of study. Clicking on the topic will further lead them to the relevant topic page where they can browse a list of essays and research papers presenting varying perspectives on the topic selected. This simplifies not only the topic search but also the next steps of research and writing for them.

If required, students can always go back and look at other related topics for more insights, helping them gain a deeper understanding of the subject. Doing this also helps them shortlist ideas for future assignments and projects.

Thus, with IPL’s repository of topics, struggles related to assignments will be a thing of the past, making essay writing easy as pie.