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The civilization of ancient Rome was one time the mightiest on the planet. Yet it, like any other civilization, began as one small settlement. The Roman Empire suffered numerous complications in its final years. The late Roman empire was frequently invaded by several barbarian groups, most notably the Huns and Vandals. Due to lack of funding to urban upkeep, those who weren't wealthy lived in horrible and menacing conditions. Soon, those with money vacated Rome to live on private estates, and they constructed private armies to defend their land. In the cities, inflation had maximized the prices of goods extensively, and the Western part of the Roman Empire fell apart. The Eastern Empire sustained a alter of power. They faced the problem of paying for its own large army, the government was in need of money, Romans had no jobs, the Romans were becoming ever penniless even as their armies were taking over the world, and by 100 B.C., Rome had come to be alienated. Some reasons for the fall of Rome were barbarian invasions, a rise in Christianity, inferior technology, immoderate military spending, a decline in morals and values, unemployment, inflation, political corruption, environmental and public health problems, and urban decay. most …show more content…

The Roman Empire was one of the most advanced cultures of its time. The grandeur of Rome has had abiding effects on the societies of the entire world. Evidence of the brilliance and creativity of the Romans can be found in many modern countries such as the remains of roads, walls, baths, basilicas, amphitheaters, and aqueducts. These exhibit the technological advances made by the engineers and architects of the Roman Empire. Many modern civic buildings have been built using the Romanesque styling. Perhaps the most important and far-reaching contributions were their administrative institutions - the legal codes and government systems - that have influenced western political

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