Fall Of Rome Dbq Essay

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Fall of Rome DBQ Including most of the Mediterranean world, Rome, a city that was growing big enough to become one of the world’s largest empire’s would soon slowly fall apart because of their problems. In 27 BC, Rome’s first emperor, Augustus Caesar, took complete power. During his time, he ruled with Pax Romana, a time of Roman peace which lasted for almost 200 years. After his death, the Roman Empire begun to break apart. The primary reasons for the fall of Rome was it being geographically too big; the population was decreasing due to plagues which led to the Roman army becoming weak, social and military issues and laziness of the military would guide the army down which led to cities being lost, and their government and leadership issues of the weak or selfish power leaders would all conduct to the breaking up of Rome. The first reason that contributed to Rome’s fall was how large they were. When a series of plagues were …show more content…

In Document A, it shows 19 Roman Emperors in the 50 years of 235-285 CE. Thirteen of the nineteen leaders were assassinated or possibly assassinated. This perhaps is because of weak leadership or only wanting the power for themselves. Citizens were also upset with how the government was not “not possessing the spirit of former generations” and because of this, it was “ruining the state.” (Doc E) Given these reasons, it can be concluded of how Rome fell. Rome was too big and when plagues were brought over and were spread, it decreased the population and hassled the economic life because they didn’t have the resources to pay back the Germanic soldiers. When social and military issues came into play, it led to great cities being lost. Lastly, the reason the contributed the most to the fall of Rome was the weak or selfish emperors and the state being ruined because the government was not following the spirit of past

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