To What Extent Was Rome A Terrible Society

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The Roman Empire’s Fall Rome has an amazing history. Its empire lasted for hundreds of years, and its emperors are still famous to this day. But Rome had a bad side to it. The insane and cruel emperors, slavery, and bloody games made Rome a terrible society. The first of many reasons why Rome was a terrible society was its corrupt leaders. According to roman-empire.net, Rome had many emperors, such as Nero, Gaius, and many more emperors who were cruel and didn’t care much about their society. Nero would allow men to kill any member of his family. Nero also believed that the Christians were the cause of the Roman fire. Gaius would pretend he was a god and force his senators to kiss and grovel his feet. Several other emperors were plain cruel and killed innocent people and put millions to slavery. This proves that Rome was a bad society because its leaders were extremely mean and cruel. Some people may disagree with this because they think that Rome had some good emperors that ruled the empire well. Those who are opposed are wrong because the amount of emperors that were corrupt outweigh the number of …show more content…

According to roman-empire.net, Roman emperors would order Christians to be fed to lions or be imprisoned. Believing in any other god would be considered a crime. Some of the Roman gods were named Apollo, Jupiter, Venus, and many more. These people were dead or mythical. It wasn’t until Constantine’s rule that citizens of Rome didn’t have to believe in these gods. This proves that Rome was a bad society because Rome didn’t let other people practice their beliefs. Many others might oppose this because they think that Roman emperors weren’t cruel to their citizens that didn’t believe in their religion. However, those who have opposed are wrong because Roman emperors would force people to believe in these dead people as gods they would have to be crucified (nailed to a cross) or

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