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The major reasons for the Fall of Rome were caused by its military mistakes, political instability, and their economic/civic decay. Before these events occurred, Rome was one of the wealthiest and greatest empires. The empire was led by a hero named Julius Caesar who helped
Rome conquer land and defeat major rivals. As their government became more powerful as well as its empire, this led to the Pax Romana, a time of peace. The empire was peaceful and relaxed throughout its 3rd, 4th, and 5th century. Unfortunately, as time went on. Rome became soft and lazy, allowing other empires to easily conquer parts of Rome causing the major events to occur.
In conclusion, as Rome became lazy and weak, their military mistakes, political instability, and
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the condition of [Roman] subjects in time of peace [worse than war]...”
(Document E). This quote shows that after the Huns had conquered part of the empire, many loved the idea of how their new life went with more moderate laws. The only thing they did know was that the Huns government and empire would weaken the Romans and destroy their people. Therefore, the economic and civic decay from the Huns are one of the major reasons for the Fall of Rome.
Political Instability is one of the other major reasons for the Fall of Rome. Close to the end of the era for the Roman Empire, Rome wasn't able to keep an emperor for a long period of time. Roman emperors from 235 - 285 CE were either assassinated, died in a battle, a plague, or died from suicide. About 19 emperors between the 50 year period all died and did not serve for a long period of time. The chart from Document A shows the emperors, each reign, and how they died. Just by looking at the chart, it shows that Rome and its government were not able to keep any emperors. None of them were fit for its position. A few examples from the chart are Gordian l & ll (co - rulers), and Balbinus and Pupineus. These 4 emperors (co - rulers) only served in

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