Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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If the Romans were nicer to the barbarians the war wouldn’t have happened and maybe they could’ve worked to help the empire. Although even without the Barbarians and the Gothic War the Empire had many internal issues. The Roman Empire was never known for having good leadership even commemorating the five good emperors they had. Before the Roman Empire’s termination, it was once the strongest and most extensive social structure in Western civilization. The fall of the Roman Empire was inevitable, the empire was full of unfit rulers and didn't run off the proper foundation for a stable empire; however, the fall of the Roman Empire happened because of the way they treated the barbarians
However, the Empire was already struck by several internal issues before the invasion of the Barbarians and the Gothic War. Despite honoring its five honorable emperors, the Roman Empire was never known for its leadership abilities before the fall of the Roman Empire, it was the strongest and most complete social structure in Western culture. One of the main issues with the Roman Empire was its poor leadership; its …show more content…

The leaders disliked this religion because it questioned the emperors' legitimacy and authority (“The Fall Of The Roman Empire” 1). Another internal problem was political instability, which led to 20 different men taking the throne in 75 years, because they were assassinated, replaced by sovereigns at will, and even sold at auction to the highest bidder, the Praetorian Guard, the emperor's bodyguard, became a job that nobody wanted (“8 Reasons Why Rome Fell” 5). Rome was crumbling from within also because of the severe financial crisis making its economy depend on slaves and craftsmen. However, the slaves and other war treasures started to disappear over time. Many of the wealthy in the kingdom started fleeing to the countryside to establish their fiefdoms (“8 Reasons Why Rome Fell”

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