Political And Political Reasons: The Causes Of The Roman Empire

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Causes of Rome’s Decline The Roman Empire was the greatest civilization the world had ever seen, it lasted over than a semi-millennium. For a such great, undefeatable Empire to collapse, there should be many powerful causes. There is an endless debate among historians about the different causes that led to this decline moreover, they couldn’t agree on the most influential factors. In this essay, these different causes will be explored and try to find the direct causes of this decline. Some historians claim that there are as many as a hundred political and non-political interweaving reasons that led to the collapse of Roman Empire. One of the important political causes is the division of the Empire into two empires, the west (Latin) and the eastern (Greek, later known as the Byzantine empire) in 284 A.D. by Diocletian. This division was adopted to protect the over-expanding empire and to defend its borders against the Barbarian attacks. This was achieved initially as the two empires synchronized responsibilities and strengthened each. However, over successive years, there were religious and linguistic barriers that prevented further cooperation and inhibited any trials for re-union. Furthermore, the eastern province became more powerful and fortified its boundaries and this diverted the barbarian attacks towards the western empire. Most historians believe that the Barbarians at northern boundaries of the Rome’s empire were the most significant

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