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The Fall of the Roman Empire Michael C. Pinto World History Mr. Rodio 29 October 2015 Michael C. Pinto 1 Mr. Rodio World History 29 October 2015 The Fall of the Roman Empire The Roman Empire was one of the largest empires in the world and spanned over fifty-four countries. How did an empire so big and powerful fall apart after all of the work and planning that was put into it? The once powerful Roman Empire fell apart for various reasons, such as the over expansion of land and military overspending which led to inadequate man power to cover all of the frontiers and insufficient funds. Also, the corrupt government system of the empire and the instability of its politics for an empire so large, the government was not fit to control…show more content…
The government also upset the system they had with purchasing crops and goods from small local farms and businesses. Once they had Carthage, they had the world's trading center and all of the rich soil land that came with it. Instead of buying food for the empire from the local farmers, they bought crops from commercial farmers that could produce more food for a better price. Most people thought that this would save money, but local farmers depended on the income. Once it stopped they were out of a job. This was the internal fight of the Roman Empire that continued all the way until its last…show more content…
This was due mostly to the Pagans and the Christians. Paganism was the official religion of Rome at that time, so when Christianity came to be, tension erupted between them. It is believed that the Pagans thought that the Christians would try to drive out the Gods, causing wars to break out between them, lasting many years and depleting most of the money of the Roman Government. Eventually, the Pagans came to the realization that the Christians were not trying to drive out their Gods. Finally, in 476 A.D., a Germanic General named Flavius Odoacer overthrew the Roman Empire marking the end of the empire, and became the first King of Italy (476-493 A.D.). With the over expansion of land and overspending of the military combined with the corrupt government and the wars between the religions, the entire structure of the Roman Empire was 4 damaged. This last strike, in 476 A.D., caused the once powerful and mighty Roman Empire to fall. As they say, Rome was not built in a day, and it did not fall in a day either. It was a combination of all of these events taking place that brought this mighty empire to its knees. The leaders in the world today should take note of the causes of the demise of the Roman Empire to ensure that this history does not repeat

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