The Pros And Cons Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire left a mark on history as one of the largest and most successful empires in history. How much territory did the Roman Empire rule over? At the Roman Empire’s pique, the Empire engulfed the entire Mediterranean and spread all across Western Europe and half of Great Britain. The Roman Empire was not taken likely by rival empires. Living in such an enormous empire had its benefits. As a Roman, you had education, culture and the protection of the largest military empire on your side. Living in this Empire also had some notable drawbacks. The empire had extreme poverty rates, threats of being in a constant state of war, and the government could impose huge tax burdens on the people.
The residents of Rome thought that affordable education was a necessity. Education wasn’t for the poor man, it was a luxury for families that could pay for it. Roman children may not have received the most orthodox methods of formal education, but they did learn how to read and write in an effective manner. The Roman Empire’s version of “school” would include the student’s family hiring a private tutor, but only boys were allowed to be educated. A quote from historylearningsite.com states that “Roman schools were rarely an individual building but an extension of a shop -- separated from the crowd by a mere curtain!”. This did not …show more content…

This constant state of war could be difficult for the citizens of the republic. Rome was threatened by Hannibal of Carthage, revolts against Rome by rising states, Attila the Hun, and traitorous generals like Arminius. The Battle of Teutoburg Forest alone left 20,000 Roman soldiers dead (Ancient.eu). Eventually, the Roman citizens would hear of the conquests toward the end of Rome’s empire. This time would be difficult for citizens as Rome began to fall. Expansion became the enemy of Rome because they couldn’t keep all of the cities in

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