How Did The Civil War Lead To The Transformation Of Rome

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When the Roman Republic reached its peak, it soon started declining. There were many different political, economic, and social problems that developed when Rome surmounted more and more people. All these problems led to a civil war that changed Rome. This civil war transformed Rome from a republic to an empire. There were five main difficulties that Rome faced, and that led to the transformation of Rome. First, the amount of casualties in numerous wars, such as the Punic Wars in which 300,000 were estimated to have died, negatively impacted the number of Roman farmers. The farmers were known as the backbone of Rome at the time. Land reforms called latifundias started developing. These estates would buy out small farms and turn the free workers into slaves. These reforms became really popular because they …show more content…

He stabilized the empire, and thus destroyed the republic. His short reign ended what was left of the republic. People contemplate whether or not he was a good leader, and if he is the main reason for the fall. In reality, the fall of the republic was inevitable. Caesar just sped it up slightly. He managed to hold up Rome with his strength and character for his lifetime. The senate felt threatened by him so they killed him. There was a wide range of emotions and it started many civil wars. This completely caused a change in the government, and borught about the Roman Empire. Afterwards Octavian became the emperor that the new Roman Empire needed.

In closing, there are five factors that led to the decline of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. Many different things caused the fall. There is no one answer to why it happened. It is very probable, however that the fall was inevitable. It was going to happen because the society was going to grow out of the republic. The empire was going to come around, and these factors pushed

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