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  • Ethnocentrism In The United States

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    superior culture. One problem that comes with ethnocentrism is the feeling of superiority. For example, if the United States had more nuclear powered weapons than Russia superiority could be created. The United States would think they are more powerful than Russia. In addition to feelings of superiority, ethnocentrism also allows for discrimination towards others. The United States is a melting pot for all types of cultures, however one race or ethnicity may not

  • Inequality In The United States

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    The United States is said to be the richest country of the world, but that reality means little because much of that wealth is controlled by only a handful of individuals. The organization of a society and its economic, legal, political, social and moral enforcement institution profoundly affects its economic performance and growth. It determines the cost of various feasible actions as well as wealth distribution. Let’s first, why is wealth distribution important to us? In the early 200’s the

  • Democracy In The United States

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    population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” Without opinions from outside the central government, there would be no such thing as democracy. Common opinions from everyday people, celebrities, and online blogs, among others, are almost all worthwhile opinions and encourage democratic values. Without these opinions, we would not have the democratic society that we live in. One of the reasons that the United States is such a strong democratic country is

  • United States Economy

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    The United States economy is in the expansionary phase of the business cycle and it has lasted there for approximately nine years since 2009. In order for the United States economy to grow the government has to get involved and creace certain policy in order to help the economy grow. The government should increase government their spending and decrease interest rates in order to increase money supply. The United States economy is a country that has developed over the years. It is the world’s largest

  • Counterterrorism In The United States

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    and Iraqi forces. ISIS did not begin to grow again until their involvement in the Syrian Civil War in 2011 when it continued to grow and gain control over large areas of Syria and Iraq. In 2013 the organization changed its name again to the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant, which is the name we know

  • Crime In The United States

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    The United States saw its largest amount of crime committed in the 1900s. For the first time in history, crimes began to be recorded in 1960. About 15 million crimes were committed in 1991, since then crime has gradually decreased, but still remains a large problem within the United States (U.S. Crime). Studies have shown that males in their 20’s are the largest culprits committing crime, however crimes are committed by all demographics. America’s prisons are increasingly becoming over-occupied

  • Voting In The United States

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    To make the United States significantly more democratic, a new system would need to be implemented encourage voter participation. To be a democracy, you must have most eligible voters participate. While we are a republic, we are still democratic currently. Compared to many other democratic nations, the U.S. has a very low voter turnout. While we may be considered a democratic society, we do not involve enough of our citizens in the democratic process. Since most people do not vote we are not truly

  • Poverty In The United States

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    the world and the United States. In many places, poverty maybe described as the low-income people, poor people. People who are above those in poverty are basically described as the best people, the rich people. Poverty occurs in many parts of the world, its properties are more noticeable in the formed part of town, state, or country. In the early 2000’s , 39.9 million people were being considered as poor in the United States. The poverty rate in the States varied among the

  • Colorblinness In The United States

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    Colorblindness in the U.S. seems like it would create a very fair and just society and treat everyone equal. I think it would be both beneficial and detrimental. It would be beneficial because it would eliminate the people that actually do treat the dominant group higher than the minority, but it would detrimental because it create too much of a equal society. There needs to be people that excel over other people because it benefits everyone even when a white person excels over a black person. For

  • Recession In The United States

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    0.0 Introduction The US economy, a $15 trillion giant, which makes up 25% of the world economy, is in trouble, and could drag down world growth. The US central bank has cut interest rates aggressively and the US Congress is planning an economic stimulus package to prevent a recession. 1.0 The definition of “recession” and the technical definition of “recession”. 1.1 Definition of “recession” Recession refers to the economic stagnation or negative growth period. That means significant decline

  • Democracy In The United States

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    government is being used in the United States. Democracy is government of, by, and for the people. People in a democracy should be able to participate in decisions that directly affect them. People in a democracy should also be able to get equal access to information which they need to make important decisions for the things that personally

  • Crime In The United States

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    We all know that crime in America has been around for a very long time. Its gets worse and worse every day. Crime has a tremendous effect on society and the people within it as a whole. Crime started as early as the 1900s. the Ku Klux Klan open a series of lynching to keep emotional and physical control over the newly unrestrained black population. Other organized crime factions, such as the rise of the Italian mob in the early 1900s, also help to control neighborhoods and encourage immense profit

  • Minorities In The United States

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    entity. The ways in which a country has established itself have greatly varied from different cases. However, many have contained a united front often in unison with a catalyst in the form of a figure head. In the United States of America George Washington led the revolutionary charge both in battle and in politic, to create

  • Republicanism In The United States

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    countries have tried to implement the ideals of a republic, but only a few have actually achieved a pure republic. The United States today is not a pure republic, it is more of a republic mixed with democratic ideals. American republicanism is a multifaceted political ideology that incited vast differences among the individuals who considered it as the establishment of the United States political framework. It attempted to contain political corruption and greed. Good virtue was absolutely critical for

  • United States Expansionism

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    To what extent was late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century United States expansionism a continuation of past United States expansionism and to what extent was it a departure? It was in the late 19th century that the United States entered an era of imperialism. Expansionism was very popular during this time period and the United States was not excluded from its rising trend. The country joined the other world powers in expanding their influential grip over the smaller and less developed

  • Federalism In The United States

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    What is federalism? It is an agreement between two or more sovereign states to create a new state in which each state will exercise specific powers. This agreement helped shape the constitution. The United States constitution helps explain the powers and what jurisdiction of each part of government. For this reason the constitution is considered to be absolute or the supreme law of the federation. In turn nothing against the constitution therefore can be enforced. However, if a change is required

  • Federalism In The United States

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    political system. An example of this can be seen in the United States of America, we have our federal government then, our state government, and lastly our local government. Our federal government has been set up to be the most powerful government and is the government in which state government

  • China Vs United States

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    interactional basis (and frankly, threat) is ever increasing as China and United States become increasingly similar as far as power and economic capabilities. The United States has maintained sole superpower status since the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union, but as China’s population grows, its military expenditure and in turn technological capabilities increase, and its economic production surpasses that of the United States, it is possible that this hegemony is soon to disappear. First

  • Decline Of The United States Essay

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    United States in Decline The United States will decline as a global power in the next 20 years. The primary factors driving this downward decline are the rise of competitive global powers, globalization’s impact on emergent economies, and degradation of the United States military. In particular, China and Russia will emerge as near peers to challenge United States authority in the traditional world order. Globalization will see many developing nations no longer turning to the United States for economic

  • Prisoner Radicalization In The United States

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    The perception of prisoner radicalization is an extrusive issue and as of recently, has quickly developed itself as a growing concern in the United States. Prisoner radicalization manifests within the enigmatic subgroups of prison inmate gangs and radical elucidations of religious values which overtime, stimulate the formulation principles based upon fanaticism, abhorrence and violence (Hamm, 2017). Currently, our government is unaware of the actual extent of the issue regarding terrorist’s impacts