Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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One of the many things that caused the downfall of the Roman Empire was expansion. Ever since the start of Rome, Rome wanted more and more until it became the reason they fell. Another reason the fall of the Roman empire started is in 310 when Constantine converted Rome to Christianity. Constantine also split the empire into two kingdoms, the East and the West. The three main reasons Rome fell were political corruption, military spending, and barbarian invasions. The first reason Rome fell was political corruption. The first piece of evidence as to why political corruption was the reason Rome fell was in the note which states,¨Often the throne was sold to the highest bidder¨. This is not good because your leader shouldn't be the one with the most money but someone who is smart and will lead the right way. Another piece of evidence as to why Rome fell because of political corruption is,¨Roman emperors often came to power through the power of their personal armies¨. If you have these armies that are split up only by who pays them the most, that is not good for Rome because you need to have a unified military and an army that's together as one. These pieces of evidence support why Rome fell because of the misuse of money. …show more content…

One piece of evidence in the Textbook states, ¨The Roman Emperor Septimus Severus died in Britain in 235 CE. His dying advice to his sons was “Make the soldiers rich and don’t bother about the rest.”¨. This way of thinking destroyed Rome and led to its downfall. The last piece of evidence in the notes states that ¨Military spending left few resources available for other vital activities like public housing or maintaining roads¨. They spent so much on the military that they lacked everyday resources for activities. They spent this much money on the military because of barbarian

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