Was Rome Responsible For The Fall Of The Western Roman Empire?

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The Fall of The Western Roman Empire
The world's most advanced civilization was The Western Roman Empire. Nothing can last forever, these four reasons are predominantly why The Western Roman Empire did not last. Political and economical problems, terrible diseases and foreign invaders.
One of the reasons for the fall of the Western Roman Empire is political problems within the government. A few reasons the political problems became a big issue is because the Emperors were not fit. They were greedy and cruel. Approximately five fit emperors. To become emperor you needed to inherit it, the emperor could be part of your family or they could adopt you. The emperor was usually assassinated by their own praetorian guard. There was no way of replacing the emperors after this happened. This is one reason the civil war broke out and that legions were fighting legions which ultimately resulted in poor living conditions and high taxes.
Another reason for the fall of the Western Roman Empire is economics. The Legions demanded an increase …show more content…

The empire was huge and when any invader came in with any size at all it was very hard to defend. They used unprotected walls, which was not much help, and natural borders, those were also extremely hard to control and protect. If all the legions in the western empire came together to garud frontier boundaries it still would not be enough. The legions weakened, and the Germanic mercenaries hired by Rome turned against Rome. The legionnaires were too focused on himself, salaries, control of throne, that they lost focus on what there job was. The Germanic tribes invaded Rome, they ruined the aqueducts meaning not much fresh water was available. When the Rhine and Danube Rivers froze over it was very easy access into Rome. In 410 CE Germanic Chief Alaric and Germanic tribes invaded Rome. There are some reasons why foreign invaders were a big problem in

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