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  • Kanye West Risks

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    for me would be in not taking one - that's the only thing that's really risky for me.” That is what rapper Kanye West said about taking risks to become the man he is today. Kanye West is a rapper, producer, and songwriter that won many awards for his art, including 2 Grammys and an American Music Award. My essay is about the risks he took to become the artist he is today. 26 years ago, Kanye decided to drop out of college to become a full-time rapper, producer, and songwriter. He decided that college

  • The Impact Of Kanye West

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    Kanye West is an American songwriter, rapper and fashion icon who’s had a major impact on the music industry and popular culture. Since 2000 when he began his music career at Roc-a-Fella Records to where he is now known around the world, he’s been a determined man on a mission. Kanye has used his fame throughout his career many ways but most certainly has made a huge impact on music, pop culture, and even touched on the fashion world. When Kanye writes music he loves to write about controversial

  • Kanye West Influences

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    There’s no denying that the influence Kanye West injected into our lives is one of the strongest that we have received from a pop star royalty. Sometimes, we would settle by letting these mainstream artists be the dominatrices of our iPod playlists, but anything more than that would seem quite excessive. However, Kanye West’s magic in penetrating into our lives as deep as he could had been effective so far, and not only we hear him sing through our headsets, we can also wear him through our fashion

  • Kanye West Accomplishments

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    Kanye West is one of the most influential hip-hop and rap artists of the 21st century. People either love or hate him, but it does not take away from the fact that he currently stands with over 200 awards and 700 nominations. As bold and brazen as he acts, West did not become famous overnight. Only after years of hard work and dedication did he get to the place he currently is. He puts his whole heart into every piece of music he produces. The only thing he loves more the music, is his family. Kanye

  • Kanye West Accomplishments

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    been a number of artists that I enjoyed listening to, but most recently Drake, Future, and K. Michelle have been my favorite. While they are absolutely great they have a long way to catch up to Kanye West and Whitney Houston whom are two soloists that I think will achieve a place in humanities history. Kanye West has changed what society think hip-hop is supposed to sound and look like. Hip-hop is defined as a contemporary style of music that includes rap, a lifestyle marked by baggy clothes, idiomatic

  • Kanye West Thesis

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    GOOD Music releases after Kanye's YE album Kanye West’s much-anticipated new YE album has just dropped worldwide. The album, released on Friday, June 1, features a cover devoid of any imagery or text of the actual title, simply stating ‘I hate being bi-polar, it's awesome,’ an allusion to West’s mental health struggles. The album’s release party was held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming the night before its official release across the world. Celebrities in attendance included actor Chris Rock, rapper NAS

  • Kanye West Influence

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    artist Kanye West has proven his ability to speak to millennials time and time again. As a rapper his history speaks for itself. As one the best-selling artist of not only his but of all time, he is highly acclimated in the music business. In his 20 years in the business he has won over 20 Grammys, this makes him one of the most awarded artists of all time. According to many experts in the music business Kanye West has had a “revival” of sorts. Over the 20 years of his music career, Kanye started

  • Kanye West Research Paper

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    Kanye west was born June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. Kanye West is a rapper, music producer, and a fashion designer. His parents were divorced when he was only 3 his father, Ray West was a photojournalist. His mother, Donda West was an english professor at Chicago State University. Kanye grew up in Chicago’s middle class south shore neighborhood until the age of 10 when he moved to China with his mother where she taught a university-exchange program for a year. She passed away in 2007 at the age

  • Kanye West Research Paper

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    your mom English 102 Mrs. Johnson February 17, 2023 The Impact of Kanye West “I miss the old Kanye, straight from the 'Go Kanye, Chop up the soul Kanye, set on his goals Kanye, I hate the new Kanye, the bad mood Kanye, The always rude Kanye, spaz in the news Kanye (West and Yusef).” Whether you love him or hate him, it's impossible to deny the impact that Kanye has had on the world. Despite his contentious career, Kanye West has left a significant influence on music, fashion, and politics due to

  • Kanye West Research Paper

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    Huerta MCWP 50 022 Research Proposal Final Draft 16 February 2017 Japanese-American Studies: Eastern Asia meets Mr. West Working Claim: Although it may hold true to say that a lot of Kanye’s music is aimed towards African American culture, he has also created plenty of unique music which can be viewed from a Japanese American cultural perspective and can be aimed towards it. Kanye West has impacted the Japanese American culture through his unique music, specifically through the music videos from his

  • Why Is Kanye West Controversial

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    Kanye West, The Walking Controversy Since 2005, the rapper/producer known as Kanye West has been one of the most influential and successful artists around to this day, winning various prestigious awards. But, that’s not all he’s gained through his career. Kanye has also cemented himself in the image of controversy due to his cockiness, ego, and his tendency to overreact and go on massive unadulterated rants at random. So, how have these controversies affected Mr. West? And most importantly, does

  • Kanye West Research Paper

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    I. Introduction A. Brief overview of Kanye West's career 1. Kanye West is a rapper, producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. He rose to fame in the early 2000s with his debut album "The College Dropout" and has since released several critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums. 2. He has also made headlines for his controversial public statements and actions, as well as his fashion and business ventures. 3. Kanye West's career has been marked by a series of both artistic and

  • Kanye West Research Paper

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    Kanye West Kanye West is not only one of the best-selling artists in the world, selling 160 million records, but he has also been nominated for 75 Grammys. Kanye Omari West came from humble beginnings, living in the suburbs of Chicago, with a lower-middle-class background. He really wasn’t a big deal, producing songs for small local artists, and getting little to no recognition. That is, until, some small artist he was producing for named Jay-Z blew up. Jay then brought Kanye along with him to immediate

  • Kanye West Research Paper

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    Biography Kanye Omari West is a 30-year old rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. He was born on June 8, 1977 and his parents are Ray West and Donda Williams West and he is an only child. West grew up in Chicago and started rapping in elementary school. He pursued this dream for the majority of his life. In 2014, he got married to Kim Kardashian and they later had two kids, North (3) and Saint (10 months). Kanye just recently became a part of the fashion world

  • Kanye West Research Papers

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    Kanye West’s album 808s & Heartbreak, changed the way rap music is created today. For example, it changed the way that artists sample music, the types of rhythm and beats used, and introduced the widespread use of autotune. 808s &Heartbreak was the fourth studio album by American rapper Kanye West. It was released by Def Jam Recordings and Roc-A- Fella Records on November 24, 2008, having been recorded earlier that year in September and October at Glenwood Studios in Burbank, California and Avex

  • Why Is Kanye West Controversial

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    Kanye West’s Controversial Impact Kanye West and controversy, two things that are almost synonymous with each other. It seems that most of the time Kanye is able to eventually rise higher than the controversies surrounding him and regain trust in the public. However, on rare occasions the issues are too immense for the music star to handle and lead him to face the full effects of the stress and hardship that comes as a result of his reckless behavior. Kanye West is affected by controversy

  • Kanye West Research Paper

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    Layan Odeh Mrs Hutner CCP English 162 30 April, 2023 Moral Art Essay Throughout the generations, more and more celebrities believe that they have the power to say and do whatever they believe. Kanye West is a good example of this. Kanye West is an highly influential American rapper and producer who also contributes to the fashion industry. Throughout Kanye’s career, he has said some unbelievable things that are both offensive and racist. There have been instances where he’s promoted controversial

  • Kanye West: A Controversial Artist

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    Kanye Omari West is without a doubt one of the greatest musicians of our time. During his career he has won 21 Grammys, published eight albums and has sold has sold over 132 million copies of his albums. West has been very successful both commercially and critically. However, Kanye West isn’t loved by everyone. During his celebrity career he has become known for his controversial statements and actions, calling himself “Yeezus” for example. He is one of the most awarded, critically acclaimed, commercially

  • Kanye West Research Paper

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    Kanye West was born in Douglasville , Georgia, on June 8, 1977. Kanye West is Rapper,producer that won 21 grammys. Kanye's full name is Kanye Omari West. His parents chose the name Kanye because it meant “THE ONLY ONE in Swahili. Kanye was raised mainly by his mother Donda.When was 10 years old he lived in China for one year. At an early age he was more advanced than other kids. He made money by creating music and dancing. He also produced his own song in third grade. He even made his

  • Kanye West Research Paper

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    Kanye West is not an asshole! Throughout his entire career, he has been viewed as a jerk. His creative style and passion for what he loves is often mischaracterized to form a negative image of him. When one goes against what is normal, it is often looked down upon. Being different can be detrimental to someone’s personal brand. Kanye is perceived as obnoxious, but in reality, he is simply passionate about what he does, loyal to his friends and family, and different from others in the music industry