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John Quincy Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts on July 11, 1767 to John Adams, the 2nd president, and his wife, Abigail Adams. He was one of four children in his family. His early years were spent living back and forth between Braintree and Boston. His father and mother taught him mathematics, languages, and the classics. John Adams was politically active and the calling of the first Continental Congress in 1774 marked a new stage. His father was gone a lot for Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War. In the first year of the war, J.Q.A. worried a lot about his father's life and worried about his families safety from the British. When J.A. signed his name on the declaration, a act of treason against Britain, was the beginning of John Quincy's journey into adulthood. …show more content…

over Oregon. John Quincy Adams wrote the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, which was a policy about European intervention in Latin America. What did J.Q.A accomplish during presidency? John Quincy Adams first started out as a Federalist. A Federalist is a person who wanted a strong central government. After that he became a Democratic-Republican. The Democratic-Republican party was organized by Thomas Jefferson and James Maddison. He was elected president in 1824 against 4 other people. He got elected on a deal that was supported by Henry Clay who was the speaker of the house. Adams appointed Clay as his Secretary of State as payback for helping him. This caused problems with Andrew Jackson, one of his opponents. Jackson claimed it was a "corrupt" bargain. His one accomplishment while president was the completion of the Erie Canal. The Canal connected the Great Lakes to the eastern states with goods from the west. John Quincy Adams was not a well liked president by Congress because they supported Andrew Jackson. John Quincy failed to win a second term; he lost to none other than Andrew Jackson. Adams was one of two presidents to fail to win a second term. The other was his

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