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John Hancock is well known for his rebellious acts against the king. This is the story of his life. John Hancock was born on January 12, 1737 in Quincy, Massachusetts. John Hancock’s father and grandfather both have the exact same names, Reverend John Hancock. John Hancock’s father was a minister who had graduated from Harvard College. His grandfather was often called “Bishop” or “Sir Hancock” because he was so admired by others. But when John Hancock was seven, his father died and left Thomas Hancock, John Hancock’s uncle who was a wealthy Boston merchant, to take care of him. Since John Hancock’s father died, his mother, Mary Hawke Thaxter, got married years later, according to www.johnhancock.org and www.john-hancock-heritage.com. John Hancock decided to follow his father’s footsteps and go to school at Harvard College. He focused more on liberal arts and business rather than …show more content…

In 1766, He was chosen to represent Boston for the Massachusetts House of Representative as well as James Otis, Thomas Cushing, and Samuel Adams. This was a meeting that protested against the Stamp Act. Then another act was passed called the Townshend Act to put tax on imported paper, glass, tea, lead, and paint. In 1768, Samuel Adams and James Otis decided to draft a letter protesting against the act. The letter had stated about the issue with no taxation without representation to King George III. With the help of his studies in liberal arts, he was able to be elected to be the president of the Second Continental Congress for about two and a half years, May 24,1775 to October 19, 1777 (www.ushistory.org and www.johnhancock.org). John Hancock was also in the Sons of Liberty protest group, and he and Samuel Adams were the leaders of this group. The Sons of Liberty protest group was a group that actively went against the British laws and did many projects that included the Boston Tea

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