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Adams was born on October 30, 1735 in Braintree, Massachusetts which is now known as Quincy, Massachusetts. (Adams, John) His father was named John Adams as well, he was a farmer, parish, and militia officer. (Adams John) His mother Susanna Boylston Adams was from a family of Brookline and Boston merchants and physicians. (Adams John) John Adams lived on a farm, he helped a lot around the house. (Adams John) He didn't enjoy reading books but Adams always tried his best in the town's school. (Adams John) In 1775 Adams graduated from Harvard with a rank of 14 out of 24 students. (Adams John) At that time the ranking usually told people your social position. (Adams John) Adams was one of the smartest people in his class. (Adams John) After Harvard …show more content…

(John Adams) Abigail Adams (the oldest) married colonel William Stephens Smith, the secretary of the U.S. legation in London. (Adams John) John Quincy (the eldest )became the 6th president, right before his father's death. (Adams John) Susanna died as a baby. (Adams John) Charles died when his father was president. (Adams John) Thomas (the youngest child) became a lawyer and a judge. (Adams John) In 1765 when the British Parliament passed the stamp act it hit Adams hard. (Adams John) Especially because he was a lawyer. (Adams John) The stamp act put taxes on newspapers, legal papers, etc… (Adams John) The text stated, “This tax was set on foot for my ruin as well as that of general Americans. (Adams John) Adams wrote resolutions to go against the stamp act. (Adams John) Later on 40 plus Massachussetts used his resolutions. (Adams John) The Boston town meeting chose Adams to present a petition against the tax to the British governor, John Adams stated that the texas wasn't legal because the people didn't vote for it. (Adams John) In 1766 the Britain revoked the Stamp Act. (Adams John) In 1770 Boston’s people chose Adams as a representative in the colonial

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