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  • Compare And Contrast Massachusetts And Virginia

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    For out ancestors the definition of freedom had very different meanings. Massachusetts and Virginia were both very different because, one was more concentrated in religion and the other one ruled with a General Assembly. This two types of ruling made significant change on how the both acted in the terms of freedom. The main problem of Massachusetts was that’s people were not free to join any type of church and the people were not able to have their opinion to make laws. In Virginia the problem of

  • Compare And Contrast Massachusetts And Virginia

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    The colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts were very different places that attracted people with contrasting values. Virginians were risk-takers who sought wealth and fortune. Massachusetts settlers were families who wanted religious freedom. The colonies were structured differently and those who lived in them had distinct lifestyles. Personally, I would have preferred to live in Massachusetts because it was safer, self sustainable, had a strong sense of community, and the colonists did not squabble

  • Virginia And Massachusetts Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Essay #2 – Topic Three Both Virginia and Massachusetts had pros and cons, but if I were to choose where I would live, I would choose Virginia, because of the lenient life style and acceptance of different views. English settlers came from their homes for different reasons and each with different goals to pursue. Both had very distinct economies and social structures that relied heavily on labor. Although unlike Massachusetts, Virginia had more interesting encounters with natives. Settlers first

  • Compare And Contrast Massachusetts And Virginia

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    Virginia, Plymouth, and Massachusetts. These three colonies basically define all the others, as each group and its main founder either went for a personal financial gain or to escape religious persecution. Virginia was originally settled by Captain John Smith and grew into a successful trade colony through tobacco. Plymouth was originally founded by the Separatists and was lead by William Bradford. Eventually the dwindling Plymouth joined with Massachusetts which was originally Puritan

  • Similarities Between Massachusetts And Virginia

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    emerged in North America. While all thirteen of the colonies had significant similarities, each colony was unique with its own features, especially between Massachusetts and Virginia. The Massachusetts colony civilians put the group and community above all, whereas the Virginians focused more on individualism and self-advancement. The Massachusetts Colony was Puritan, with very important kinship ties. The family worked together, with each member of the family having a certain job or responsibility

  • Salem Massachusetts 1692 Research Paper

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    Fear The Court, Love Your God! Salem Massachusetts 1692, the early americas, still under the control of Great Britain. Early settlers daily life consisted of farming, church, cooking and what not. It was a necessity for men and boys to farm to provide food for the family, and to sell at market. For women it was a necessity to take care of the home and for younger girls it was common to get married off at a young age. Another necessity for all early settlers was to go to church all the time.

  • Puritan Life In Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    of England but the king was adamantly against it. From 1630 to 1640 a large number Puritans sailed for a new life in Massachusetts. They wanted the freedom to practice their religion in peace and without fear of retribution. They wanted to build a Christian community where the citizens would be governed and live by the laws laid out in the Bible. They expected their Massachusetts Bay Colony to be an example to the rest of the world on how to live right. John Winthrop proclaimed: "We must consider

  • Financial Differences Between Massachusetts And Virginia

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    Both the financial matters and governmental issues were very different between Massachusetts and Virginia in the vicinity of 1607 and 1750. The distinctions in the level of classes were extremely large and their whole economic structure contrasted from each other. Virginia had more hazardous culture and economics where-as Massachusetts had a more steady economy. The wealth of Virginia was construct only with respect to the creation of tobacco. The ranch proprietors needed to purchase slaves to till

  • Disadvantages Of Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    John Winthrop: A Puritan Leader who became the first Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. From January 12, 1587/8 - March 2, 1649, John Winthrop led a group of English Puritans to the new world, joined the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1629 and became their Governor on April 8, 1630. He was the major backbone in molding the Colony’s government, also shaping its Legislative policy. Roger Williams: This man typically brought religious and political liberty to Rhode Island, (1603-1683). He acknowledged

  • Compare And Contrast Virginia And Massachusetts Colonies

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    The colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia were a start of the new world for England. These were founded by similar people but, with their strikingly differences, grew into separate political, economic and social structures. Both settlements arose from over-crowdedness in England: people wanted a better life. Virginia was settled by men who were single and looking for opportunities and wealth. They were part of the Anglican religion. Those in Massachusetts were puritans and looking for a place where

  • Compare And Contrast The Massachusetts Bay Colony Of Jamestown

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    representative government and rich cultural diversity by these three groups of people the Powhatan, English and the Africans. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was an English settlement on the east coast of North America. Massachusetts Bay was settled by Europeans. The colony was founded by the owners of the Massachusetts Bay Company. The investors had failed the Dorchester Company which had established in 1624 on Cape Ann. The second

  • The Similarities And Differences Between Jamestown And The Massachusetts Colonies

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    The Jamestown and Massachusetts colonies were established by English settlers in the early 1600’s; however even though they share a common national heritage, each developed in their own fashion due to their unique circumstances, geographical location, and experiences. Jamestown, located in present-day Virginia, was established in 1607 by the Virginia Company with the goal of finding gold and other valuable resources that could be exported back to England. The early years of the colony were marked

  • Anne Hutchinson's Struggle Against The Puritan Rule In Massachusetts

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    against the Puritan rule in Massachusetts, and that’s why she was exiled to Rhode Island. While she lived in Massachusetts, Anne was recognized for holding church meetings in her own home. This was because of the way she interpreted the Bible. She was a woman and was expected to be submissive and supporting, instead, she was becoming a leader (Cullen-DuPont).Her sermons attracted many people because people weren’t completely free about their religion in Massachusetts. Anne believed in “covenant

  • Compare And Contrast The Virginia Colony Vs Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    The Virginia Colony vs. The Massachusetts Bay Colony Throughout the 17th century, England sent many colonists to settle in the New World. Later on, the two colonies formed the nation America. This doesn’t mean they began with the same ideals and motives. The motivations and reasons for the founding of the Virginia and Massachusetts Bay colonies varied greatly. The main reasons being between the economic, religious, political, and social reasons. Many European nations, especially England, wished

  • Massachusetts Bay Settlers To Virginia Essay

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    First of all, Englishmen migrations to Massachusetts and to Virginia were supported by the two different companies, Massachusetts Bay Company and London Company, except the migration of those people on the Mayflower to Plymouth in 1607 that was supported by London Company. Since England would like to explore the New World to find out more ways to become wealthier and plundered treasures as Spain and Portugal, the King granted permission of establishing a colony on the coast of North America of 100

  • John Winthrop: The Massachusetts Bay Colony In New England

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    of the Massachusetts Bay colony in new England. Before going abroad to the “new world”, “John Winthrop had practiced law in and nearby areas around London prior to his affiliation with the trading organization called the Massachusetts Bay Company.”He struggled with the decision to abandon his home.Winthrop was very aware of the hardships that had claimed the lives of half the pilgrims 10 years earlier, who had settled in Plymouth. As a strict Puritan in the first governor of Massachusetts Bay colony

  • Puritan Vs Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    The Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay colony had originally planned for a government that was to be ruled by God 's laws, however over time the colony would become democratically ruled. Rather than living under a democratic society, John Winthrop, along with other stockholding members, preferred to have the Puritan settlement be run by “godly rule” (9) . The original intention of the Massachusetts Bay colony was to set a model of an uncorrupted church and godly society (12) which would in turn help

  • Essay Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Massachusetts Bay Colonies

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    Jamestown and the Massachusetts bay colonies influenced the growth of the thirteen colonies. These two colonies opened the doors for additional colonies. In 1607 the London Charter company sent 104 men on a boat to explore the new world and get financial profit from their investments in shares of company stock (gold). When they landed they were in what is now present day Virginia they called their colony Jamestown. Jamestown was a perfect place to settle it had fertile soil and the climate

  • Massachusetts Bay Colony: Founded By John Winthrop

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    Massachusetts Bay Colony Goals It was established by a group of puritans led by a John Winthrop with a goal of colonizing a wide area in the New England where they would establish what he referred to as a model religious community in the New World. This was a theocracy that forced people to worship and live in an orthodox way, a theory based on John Calvin’s teachings. John Winthrop was tired of trying to reform the church in England in which he believed there was the need to purify it against the

  • How Did The Massachusetts Bay Colony Influence The Growth Of The Thirteen Colonies

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    The development of Jamestown Colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony influenced the growth of the Thirteen Colonies. To form a settlement in North America in search for gold and silver, as well as, expansion of Britain’s territory and investment in the New World, King James funded the Virginia Company in1606~1609. Many of the investors were strict Puritans. The Mayflower ship was sailing to Jamestown until a storm caused them to go off course, and land in Plymouth. This new territory became another