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  • Salem Massachusetts 1692 Research Paper

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    Fear The Court, Love Your God! Salem Massachusetts 1692, the early americas, still under the control of Great Britain. Early settlers daily life consisted of farming, church, cooking and what not. It was a necessity for men and boys to farm to provide food for the family, and to sell at market. For women it was a necessity to take care of the home and for younger girls it was common to get married off at a young age. Another necessity for all early settlers was to go to church all the time.

  • Virginia And Massachusetts Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Essay #2 – Topic Three Both Virginia and Massachusetts had pros and cons, but if I were to choose where I would live, I would choose Virginia, because of the lenient life style and acceptance of different views. English settlers came from their homes for different reasons and each with different goals to pursue. Both had very distinct economies and social structures that relied heavily on labor. Although unlike Massachusetts, Virginia had more interesting encounters with natives. Settlers first

  • Compare And Contrast Virginia And Massachusetts Colonies

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    The colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia were a start of the new world for England. These were founded by similar people but, with their strikingly differences, grew into separate political, economic and social structures. Both settlements arose from over-crowdedness in England: people wanted a better life. Virginia was settled by men who were single and looking for opportunities and wealth. They were part of the Anglican religion. Those in Massachusetts were puritans and looking for a place where

  • Compare And Contrast The Massachusetts Bay Colony Of Jamestown

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    representative government and rich cultural diversity by these three groups of people the Powhatan, English and the Africans. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was an English settlement on the east coast of North America. Massachusetts Bay was settled by Europeans. The colony was founded by the owners of the Massachusetts Bay Company. The investors had failed the Dorchester Company which had established in 1624 on Cape Ann. The second

  • Jamestown Vs Massachusetts Bay Colony Analysis

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    in the colonization game. As a result, English settlements were concentrated along the East Coast of North America. Among the prosperous English colonies, two categorically paramount English colonies were Jamestown (in modern day Virginia) and Massachusetts Bay Colony. Economically, these two colonies are kindred. Their relationship with the Native Americans was homogeneous and

  • John Winthrop: The Massachusetts Bay Colony In New England

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    of the Massachusetts Bay colony in new England. Before going abroad to the “new world”, “John Winthrop had practiced law in and nearby areas around London prior to his affiliation with the trading organization called the Massachusetts Bay Company.”He struggled with the decision to abandon his home.Winthrop was very aware of the hardships that had claimed the lives of half the pilgrims 10 years earlier, who had settled in Plymouth. As a strict Puritan in the first governor of Massachusetts Bay colony

  • Anne Hutchinson's Struggle Against The Puritan Rule In Massachusetts

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    against the Puritan rule in Massachusetts, and that’s why she was exiled to Rhode Island. While she lived in Massachusetts, Anne was recognized for holding church meetings in her own home. This was because of the way she interpreted the Bible. She was a woman and was expected to be submissive and supporting, instead, she was becoming a leader (Cullen-DuPont).Her sermons attracted many people because people weren’t completely free about their religion in Massachusetts. Anne believed in “covenant

  • Puritan Vs Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    The Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay colony had originally planned for a government that was to be ruled by God 's laws, however over time the colony would become democratically ruled. Rather than living under a democratic society, John Winthrop, along with other stockholding members, preferred to have the Puritan settlement be run by “godly rule” (9) . The original intention of the Massachusetts Bay colony was to set a model of an uncorrupted church and godly society (12) which would in turn help

  • Massachusetts Bay Colony: Founded By John Winthrop

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    Massachusetts Bay Colony Goals It was established by a group of puritans led by a John Winthrop with a goal of colonizing a wide area in the New England where they would establish what he referred to as a model religious community in the New World. This was a theocracy that forced people to worship and live in an orthodox way, a theory based on John Calvin’s teachings. John Winthrop was tired of trying to reform the church in England in which he believed there was the need to purify it against the

  • Indentured Servitude In Massachusetts

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    Indentured Servitude in Massachusetts Indentured servitude, the practice of signing oneself into a slave-like servitude for an agreed upon amount of time in exchange for various provisions, was widely popular in early Massachusetts as a way for American people to build a workforce and immigrants to migrate to the New World. Indentured men, women, and children, largely from Europe, became a crucial part of the fabric of the society, culture, and economy of this state and the city of Boston. Boston’s

  • Massachusetts Stove Company Case Study

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    Massachusetts Stove Company Strategic Options Introduction Massachusetts Stove Company is one of the last six remaining wood burning stove companies after recent changes implemented by the EPA. Even with the declining market for wood burning stoves, Massachusetts Stove Company has continued to steadily grow and profit for six straight years. Profitability Massachusetts Stove Company is the only stove company who sells their product via mail order which provides a niche market that other companies

  • Climate Differences Between Florida And Massachusetts

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    Florida and Massachusetts. In Florida and Massachusetts, the average temperature in the summer is 82 degrees. However, the lowest temperature in Florida during the winter is 61 degrees. In contrast, the temperature during the winter in Massachusetts is 25 degrees. In the winter, Massachusetts gains less than 50 percent of sunshine. While Florida acquires about 60 percent of sunshine during the winter. However, Florida and Massachusetts obtain over 60 percent

  • The Salem Witch Trials 1692-1693

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    The Salem witch trials are trials in which took place in Salem, Massachusetts between 1692-1693. These witch trials have been described as court trials for those accused of witchcraft. The supposed practice of witchcraft caused fear and paranoia to spread throughout several different towns in massachusetts. The accusers, of those people who were thought to be practicing witchcraft, were under the impression that these “witches” were the reason for crops failing, drought, and people to become ill

  • Paul Revere's Contributions To The American Revolution

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    There are three main points to the American Revolution Paul Revere, Lexington and Concord. Tensions had been building for a long time between residents of the 13 colonies and the British. The battle at Lexington green in 1775 started the American Revolution and “shots heard around the world” . One of the leaders for Lexington was Captain John Parker. The battle of Concord took place in Concord on Wednesday April 19, 1775. The leader(s) for Concord was John Parker,James Barrett, and John Butrick

  • Essay On Northern Colonies

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    Northern colonies started as just state all bunched into one. They are now there own separate states now. The northern colonies are now the states of Plymouth,Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and finally New Hampshire. Plymouth Colony: Plymouth colony was an English colonial venture in North America from the years of 1620 to 1691. The first settlement of the Plymouth Colony was at New Plymouth, a location previously surveyed and named by Captain John Smith. The pilgrims were also good

  • Salem Witch Trials Dbq Research Paper

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    Do you want to be hanged because you are practicing witchcraft? The Salem Witch Trial Hysteria happened in the year of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. The story is that the people of Salem, Massachusetts were Puritans. The Puritans thought that they were going to be like a “city upon a hill” which meant they thought that they were going to make it look like they were more perfect than everyone else and they were closer to God. They made it like this because they believed that every word in the Bible

  • The False Impressions Of The Salem Witch Trials In 1692

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    In 1692, the people in Salem, Massachusetts went on a hunt accusing people of being witches. This was a hysterical time in history known as the Salem Witch Trials. The Salem Witch Trials led to many distraught people and false accusations. The famous trials started with two sick children and then led to discrimination manly towards women of a lesser class. The accused people were tortured and eventually killed. The Salem Witch Trial accusations first started with nine year old Betty Parris and

  • How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community

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    The Salem Witchcraft Trials had many effects on the town of Salem, Massachusetts. A lot of the effects were negative, destroying the community, government, even individuals. The Witch Trials affected the community of Salem in multiple ways. The witch trials created many tensions between several families in the town. The most acknowledgeable dispute from the play was between the Putnam’s and the Nurse’s. Rebecca Nurse was blamed for the death of all of Ann Putnam’s children, except for one. The events

  • What Are The Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials In 1692

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    In January 1692 in the city of Salem, Massachusetts a mass hysteria broke out. Eight girls began showing signs of a strange and unknown illness, with symptoms of delirium, impaired speech, convulsions, and screaming. The villagers wanted an explanation, so the doctor diagnosed the girls with bewitchment. Soon, accusations were being thrown out left and right. This lead to over 150 citizens accused of witchcraft, then sent to jail. A total of 20 people were hanged due to these allegations, along with

  • Mental Illness In The Salem Witch Trials

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    Nineteen people were hung due to false judgement by human nature and society. Taking place in a small village called Salem, inside of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, during a depressing seventeenth century, was a movement that would challenge the nation’s religious and psychological beliefs. Innocent people were being accused of witchcraft, when rather they were just ill or not taken care of properly by family and friends. Thought to be caused by stress, fear, and panic, the Salem Witch Trials was