Compare And Contrast Massachusetts And Virginia

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For out ancestors the definition of freedom had very different meanings. Massachusetts and Virginia were both very different because, one was more concentrated in religion and the other one ruled with a General Assembly. This two types of ruling made significant change on how the both acted in the terms of freedom. The main problem of Massachusetts was that’s people were not free to join any type of church and the people were not able to have their opinion to make laws. In Virginia the problem of freedom was that there was with the servants. Usually servants were trade like if they were material things, and laws were stablished to them so that they will not scape. Virginia and Massachusetts differ in their concepts of freedom, one was affecting the servants and the other one was affecting the citizen of their colony. …show more content…

In the book “American past and present” written by Robert A. Divine et al. its said “Simply because a person happened to live in a certain com- munity did not mean he or she automatically belonged to the local church” (39). And also they didn’t have the freedom to have an opinion to make their colony better “The mag- istrates elected in Massachusetts did not believe they represented the voters, much less the whole populace. They ruled in the name of the electorate, but their responsibility as rulers was to God” (39). Citizens of the colony were living there with out any choice of how the rules have to be. While in the other part of the New World Virginia was having no freedom for their

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