Compare And Contrast Chesapeake And New England Colonies

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Early American colonies were the base of what it is now known the United States of America. Although almost all of the colonies were from the same time period each colony differed from each other. Some of the colonies differed by their economic system and also by their way of running their colony, their government. Also, the colonies differed from their culture and their way they lived. In addition, the New England and the Chesapeake colonies were not the exception they also differed from each other. New England was a colony that was settled because the people that came from England wanted to find their freedom from their country. The people that came to the United States was to find freedom through religion, which the people from Mother England were not given the freedom to pursue their religious believes. The first settlement in New England was when John Winthrop came to the United States. In this settlement came the founders of the colony of New England. Basically the people from the first settlement were the ones that set up the way that the people were going to live and the type of government that they were going to establish and follow. The religion of the people from New England was called Puritan, which that meant …show more content…

However this was not the most important thing, the most important thing was their education. Their education can be seen in a way as part of their culture. New Englanders were people who were highly educated and view their education as a way of living and also as a necessity. For the founders of the colony of New England established little settlements that offered education for the kids and also for the adults. Also as the people settled in the colony they brought in with them books and also brought other literal devices that helped them gain more education. The Education was a type of culture for the New Englanders because that talked about their

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