Similarities And Differences In The Virginia And Virginia Colonies

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There are similarities and differences in the Virginia and Maryland colonies .They both used agriculture, had slave societies, and had representation governments. But they certain crops they planted , how their social structures were and the assemblies in government were different. Agriculture was the main source of money for Virginia and Maryland. Plantations in both colonies had good soil for planting., In order to make as much as possible from these cash crops, english men would come over to be indentured servants. Virginia and Maryland both had huge plantations and urban development, unlike colonies one New England. The main difference in Maryland and Virginia colonies is that Maryland planted other crops than tobacco and had other ways of making money including shipbuilding. Tobacco was not as successful in Maryland due to geographical issues . Both colonies had indentured servants. Indentured servants later became slaves and we’re a huge population of both societies. Although both colonies had slaves Virginia had slaves way before Maryland. In both societies slaves were seen at the bottom of the social class and for a little in Maryland if a slave was baptized they could their rights in Virginia that didn’t happen. In Virginia and Maryland farmers were seen at the top of the social class and social life centered around farming. The Gentry were also seen at top in both societies. The way societies were different was that Virginia had more

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