Essay Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Plymouth

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Beginning a life in the New World was a difficult and extended process. Many colonists made attempts to settle here, which failed for different reasons. There are two colonies that beat the odds and overcame their challenges. These colonies were called Jamestown and Plymouth. By using different methods and skills, they created new land for the people of Europe. These colonies struggled from the same things, such as disease, hunger, and unpreparedness. Also, there were three main differences between the colonies:location, reasons for the colony, and relationship with the natives were all included. There were different reasons for the colonies. Jamestown was sponsored by the king in 1607. It was intended to find gold and bring it back to Europe. …show more content…

Jamestown and Plymouth both struggled from hunger and disease In Jamestown the gold was not apparent and agriculture was not their lifestyle. The settlers ran out of food, they turned to eating horses, dogs and eventually cannibalism. In Plymouth it was not as severe, but arriving in Winter would prove fatal for many. As the temperature gets colder the food got scarcer. Many Puritans were too hungry to work, so only the strong built homes. With their new environments all of the colonists were introduced to new diseases. Poor living conditions, malnutrition, and native diseases caused many fatalities throughout the colonies. Illness ran rampant through each colony, which took out many workers. Jamestown and Plymouth were able to overcome each struggle and become the foundation of the New World. There are three main differences between Jamestown and Plymouth, location, purpose, and relationship with the natives. They also struggled through disease and hunger. Yet, they overcame each obstacle and were able to start the foundation of the country we know today. They created their own governments and fended for themselves. Jamestown and Plymouth created New Europe for the people. They proved that generating a new life in the new world is hard, but in the end it is worth

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