Colonial Differences: Similarities Between Jamestown And Plymouth Colon

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Jamestown colony and Plymouth colony have are two similar colonies but at the same time are so very different. One similarity is that each colony had a large number of deaths after winter. One difference is that Plymouth colony had a good relationship with the Native Americans and Jamestown didn't have a good relationships with them. A second difference is that the two colonies came for different reasons. One major similarity, besides the fact that both colonies were from England, is that both colonies had a very large number of deaths after winter passed. England sent 100 men and boys to establish jamestown colony. By the end of the first winter, around 40 members of jamestown still stood. In total, 70% of settlers would die in Jamestown. By the end of the first winter in Plymouth colony, 50% of the settlers died. Some of the deaths of these colonists were caused by freezing to death, some of the deaths were caused by starvation because the animals that they ate where scarce and hibernating and some of the nuts and berries that they gathered were covered in snow. Also many colonists died because of diseases from europe and diseases from the lack of sanitation in the New World. One substantially important difference between Plymouth …show more content…

The Jamestown colony came to establish English power in the New World and to explore the New World and also to plunder the Portuguese ships passing with slaves and other important cargo. The Plymouth colony, which consisted of all Puritans, came because King Charles I was persecuting the Puritans in England. In other words, the Puritans wanted religious freedom, so their only option was to come to the New World to avoid death. Also, Jamestown colony was there to go back and forth from England and stay under the reign of the King. The Plymouth colony came to stay and escape the reign of King Charles

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