Why Jamestown Colonists Died Essay

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During 1607-1611, early Jamestown colonists died to many reasons like starvation, occupations, and drought. Colonists did not have many resources to live a long life. That is why they died so fast through 1607-1611. Colonists died because they tried to find a new settlement for more land so they can have more resources and for a stronger defense, but instead they got attacked and there was not a lot of food there to feed them all. Colonists died by attacks by Indians. They also died by filth fester that which made the water bad to drink. They also died because the fish only showed up in spring and early summer. Colonists also died during winter because they had no food. The last two reasons they died is that gentlemen did not do any work. Also, because they had no water because of the long drought. These are the reasons colonists died are …show more content…

In “The Lost Colony and Jamestown Droughts” Jamestown suffered its longest time of an unbroken period of drought.(57) August through May 1610 “(the “Starving Time”) killed 110 colonists.(Fausz, 63) The colonist also died because during the winter time, the was not a lot of food to feed themselves. The other reason colonists died because fish were only present during spring and early summer which is why they had no food during winter time.That is the reason colonists died by starvation. The lack of food is the reason so many colonists died of hunger. The second reason to why so many colonists died was because of occupations. There were too many gentleman in May 1607 and January 1608 that did not want to do any work at all. One surgeon in 1607 and 1608 was not good.That was bad because there was only one surgeon to help to cure so many people injured. In 1608, there was 51 occupations unknown that really did nothing as well. So many colonists died because of lack of surgeons and gentleman that did not want to help. That is the second reason why so many colonists from Jamestown

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