Jamestown Why Did So Many Die Analysis

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Jamestown: Why Did So Many Die? You may be asking why did some many Jamestown colonist die? Well I am here to answer that for you. So many colonist died because of disease/ warship, lack of crops/ starvation, and non-cleaned water. As the English Colonist went to Jamestown there were many things that came along as they were settling at Jamestown and caused death to take place. The English Colonists went to Jamestown around 1607,1608,1609, and 1610. The people that went to Jamestown is a bunch of the English Colonists. In Jamestown the conflicts they had were a salt water intrusion, lack of crops/ starvation, Spanish warship and disease. To begin, so many colonists died from disease and warship. In the text in (Document D) it states, “Some harshe and crewell dealings by cutting off towe (two) of the salvages heads and other extremities.” It contributes to why so many people die because this caused death. They were being murdered and that is two people that are dead and many more have died from the other ways they decided to kill them. Indians killed 50 Powhatan’s siege of …show more content…

In the article “Early Jamestown” it states, “The arrival in January of a resupply ship saved the colony from total collapse but in the next two years, hard time continues.” This contributes to some of their deaths because by now the supply ship wasn’t to get there on time to save a little more people and that is how some of the colonists died. When the colonist got grain they doubted that it was going to work for them to last through the Winter until the supply ship returned after Winter. Soon the “ Starvation time” would take place after they ran out of grain and that means that there will be no more food until the supply ship gets there but until then they had to survive on what they had so that means some of them died because they were starved to death. There are more reasons they died so let’s talk about

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