Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Plymouth

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Jamestown and Plymouth were the first two successful English on the north side. In this essay will be talking about Jamestown and Plymouth, the ones that made history. That’s why we are talking about them right now or any day. Jamestown was established in 1607 and Plymouth in 1620. These two colonies were different, yet had a number striking similarities in government's, reasons for settlements, and differing economic activities. He joined the Puritans. Reformers who wanted to purify the Church of England and separate from it. With other Puritans, he migrated to Holland in search of religious freedom. ” The quote is describing William Bradford, who was a Puritan who moved to Holland and established the colony of Plymouth for religious freedom. Another man named John Smith had the same thing in mind, but to make money. These two leaders, both came from England and established two very different colonies. Many men and John Smith traveled from England to America so they could establish the colony of Jamestown. They left England to make money. John Smith is the leader of the men who moved to America was never really …show more content…

Mainly caused by the difference between leaders. Bradford was a religious man that made him a family figure who cared about his fellow colonists. The colonists who accompanied Smith were men that were looking to get rich. They didn't care about their fellow colonists. Greed was the negative characteristics that lead to their downfall. And Plymouth was the most successful in the colony. Being that Bradford stayed for the rest of his life. These two leaders came from England but established two different colonies. If they would have told me to choose between each colony, I would go to Bradford he sounds better, plus his colony was successful and I would like to explore that colony and to feel how it feels. To see how is like. This was the compare and contrast about Jamestown and

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