Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Plymouth

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Have you ever wondered,how Jamestown and Plymouth are related? Or perhaps how they differ; the same? Well Jamestown and Plymouth were both located in England. They come from the same area, but had its differences. They weren't exactly alike to say, but weren't all that different either. Don't understand me? Well this is exactly what i'm going to explain; their differences, similarities, and what made them...well them,but also how they came to be known today. The Virginia company was one of three ships that had left England. The Virginia Company were the first to find the first English settlement, located in the James River. On their journey the people traveling on the boat had become seasick, others had some type of virus that caused …show more content…

They all wanted a better form of life. The pilgrims wanted a right to their religion, and wanted to practice it freely. William Bradford was their leader, he made sure that everyone was right with god. On there way to their land, they did not exact wanted to land in Plymouth. There was a sea storm that rocked the ship and sailed them elsewhere. Once they landed they experienced their first winter, with this it caused many crops not to grow. This lead to many deaths. Now there were Native Americans living there before pilgrims. The pilgrims made peace with the Native Americans, so they didn't have any problems with them. The pilgrims were introduced to a specific Native American named Squanto. Squanto taught them how to plant corn, catch fish, and hunt beaver. ''......Squanto continued with them and was their interpreter and was a special instrument sent from god...for their good beyond their expectation....''. The pilgrims were very pleased to have Squanto guide them and have his help. The similarities of Plymouth and Jamestown were; both founded on the Atlantic Coast. Yes Jamestown and Plymouth aren't far from each other. They are both permanent English colonies, then they both got out of England to start a new life. Jamestown was more into finding riches, and money. While Plymouth just wanted freedom of religion, and live freely. They each got help

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