Compare And Contrast Chesapeake And The New American Colonies

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Early Colonies the Models The colonization of America began with a series of attempts by the English to establish a colony in the New World which would serve to compete with the successful Spanish colonies in the south. In 1584, Queen Elizabeth the first charged Walter Raleigh with finding a suitable place that would fulfill these conditions. In turn, Walter Raleigh sent a voyage consisting of Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe across the Atlantic in 1584. The voyage resulted in the claiming of North Carolina in July later that year. In 1585, an expedition was sent by Raleigh that led to the building of a fort on Roanoke. English colonialists, amounting to almost 100 arrived at the coast of Chesapeake Bay in 1607. Jamestown was founded, which was among the first English settlements to be set in North America. These colonialists were exposed to many adversaries and dangers that included hunger, diseases, and attack from Indians. However, with time, the colonialists established plantations, farms, towns, churches, schools, and industries. They develop political ideologies and social attributes that helped in shaping the history of America. Philosophy of democracy and freedom that was …show more content…

They had several similarities and differences. Notable similarities included their use of language, their religion, and their ultimate loyalty to the British government. Differences included the geographical features of the land where the Chesapeake had fertile land with tobacco plantations while the New England had a rocky, infertile terrain. The motive for settlement in Chesapeake was to get rich quickly from the tobacco proceeds while in New England it was to achieve freedom. Finally, in Chesapeake, the economy was based on a single industry which was agriculture, while in New England it was based on diversity which included specialization, forest production, and fishing

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