The Lost Colonies

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On March 25, 1584, Queen Elizabeth of England, granted Sir Walter Raleigh a charter for the colonization of North America. Raleigh created an expedition led by Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe to explore the east coast of North America. They did not know that the next month would be something that stayed in the history books, for years to come. Over the next year they would travel the Atlantic in search of the new land. At the time they arrived it had come several months later on the 4th of July. As the colony began to settle in, a relief group left the colony to get supplies from England. They returned with no problems and the colony was still fine. Several years later Raleigh sent a new batch of settlers, but when they arrived they discovered…show more content…
There is much more evidence pointing to this theory. This evidence suggests that most of The Lost Colony’s population migrated into several different friendly indian tribes. There are two main findings that archaeologists have discovered that may prove this theory correct. The first one is that in 1607, a Jamestown settler, wrote that there were four english clothed men living in an Iroquois tribe. Also, another Jamestown settler wrote that he saw two story buildings with stone walls at the indian settlements of Peccarecanick and Ochanahoen. The second finding shows that archaeologists have found personal belongings of Roanoke settlers in indian tribes homes. They have also found several metals and jewelry that the indians could not have made with the technology that they had. Even though this is a viable theory, there is a logical explanation for both of these discoveries. The indian tribes could have stolen these from the settlers after they perished. It makes perfect sense for this to be the reason the indians had their belongings. Therefore this theory is not a viable explanation for The Lost Colony’s…show more content…
Out of all the explanations this one has the most evidence proving that the drought is the most logical theory. This evidence was found by a team led by David Stahle, who has a Ph.D. and a M.A. in Geography. His team made a very sophisticated study with the tree rings of the remaining trees that are still in the area. They discovered something incredibly surprising. In the summers of 1587-1589, they had the worst drought in almost 800 years. It says in his study that the colonists were last seen in August 1587, at the beginning of the historic drought. The data shows that the drought affected the entire Southeastern United States but was particularly severe in the Tidewater region near Roanoke. The study is very in-depth and has been a proven study. It is a study done by well known Archaeologists that are one of the smartest in the world. It is pretty clear that a drought is the ultimate reason for the death of The Lost Colony. There is no reason to think
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