Theories Of The Disappearance Of Roanoke

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Throughout the years, the disappearance of Roanoke has been a highly disputed topic among historian. Many historians have many different theories as to how and why Roanoke disappeared. For example, some people believe the Roanoke colonists were killed by hostile Native American tribes, some believe the Colony suffered a plague, and some even go so far as to say the settlers were abducted by aliens. However, many of these theories have little or no merit. There are many theories as to why Roanoke disappeared. The two most probable are that the colonists moved south to the Chesapeake Bay area, or that the colonists split into two groups, each group incorporated themselves with a different Native American Tribe. On April 12, 1854, 108 men women …show more content…

Previous theories indicate that the colonists left for the nearby Croatoan Island and left the message of carved wood for whoever was going to return. Instead Quinn believes the colonists left Roanoke and headed for the Chesapeake Bay where they were going to live among the Native Americans. Quinn suspects the Native Americans on Croatoan island did not have the resources to house and feed the colonists. His source for this theory was mainly, William Strachey. Strachey stated that the “men, women, and children of the first plantation of Roanoak” lived among the “Indians” for twenty years, but were then killed by hostile Powhatan Native Americans.3 However, there are some flaws in this theory. None of William Strachey’s writings indicate that the colonists were with the Chesapeake Native Americans. Strachey even said that the colonists were exterminated “far from [the Powhatan], and in the Territory of those Weroances (chiefs) which did in no sort depend on him or acknowledge him.4 The colonists may have lived with Native Americans, but they most likely did not live with the Chesapeake. Many theories indicate that the colonists lived with Native Americans after they left Roanoke, but it is debatable which tribe they were …show more content…

New evidence found at Hatteras Island and Cape Creek, North Carolina proves that this theory has the most merit and is the most probable thing to have happened. In North Carolina, archeologist, Nicholas Lucchetti’s team found an iron bar with a large copper block that's likely from the 16th century not presumed to be Native American origin because they lacked the metal technology at the time. Using x-ray spectroscopy, a map drawn by John White that indicates a small, red and blue, four pointed star under a white piece of paper used to cover it up was also found. The map was drawn in 1585, two years before White became governor, in 1587. The spot was 50 miles inland, and most archaeologist believe site asked was the original destination for the colonists. There were also pottery shards believed to be used by the colonist found at Site X by Nicholas Luccketti and his team while on an archaeological dig. Nearby, there is a Native American town called Mettaquem which further goes to prove the theory that the colonists acclimated themselves with the Native Americans. Additionally, Site X also unearthed a hook and eye like copper wire used to fasten close together. As Nicholas Luccketti explained to the New York Times, about Site X “We have evidence from the side that strongly indicates that there

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