The Roanoke Colony

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One hundred sixteen people landed on the coast of North Carolina long before anyone had discovered the colony of Jamestown. They traveled across the Atlantic Ocean from England once they heard of Christopher Columbus’s major discovery of a new land. Even 600 years later, the fate of the Roanoke Colony still remains a mystery. The story began in England. Queen Elizabeth had been queen for nearly a quarter of century. Sir Walter Raleigh, Elizabeth’s most popular porter, tries to get Queen Elizabeth to allow him to build a colony in the new world. On March 25, 1584, Queen Elizabeth I issued a charter to allow Sir Walter Raleigh to travel to the new land. Sir Walter Raleigh did not lead these trips to the new world, John White did. Raleigh only…show more content…
The Indians disagreed and the explorers sailed back to England. They told the Queen of their experience with the land they discovered, naming it Virginia, after the Virgin Queen. They then sent out a second trip to the new land of “Virginia.” This time, Ralph Lane was appointed as the captain. The expedition for the “Lane Colony” was meant to be a military post for men only. They set sail from the England ports on April 9, 1585. The colony did not last long because they lacked supplies needed for survival. They then abandoned the colony and headed back to England Shortly after, Sir Greenville arrived to the abandoned colony with winter supplies, but soon left after seeing its abandonment. ` The third trip to the new world consisted of one hundred sixteen people, including men, women, and children, who were willing to take the dangerous journey to the new world to try to establish a new colony. White was hoping to establish a new colony in the new world by developing a self-sufficient economy and agriculture. They set sail from the coasts of England in late April of 1587 and arrived at the coasts of Roanoke on July 22,…show more content…
Manteo, an Algonquian Indian, was introduced to colonists during their first expedition to Roanoke and later on was baptized. He then became known as the Lord of Roanoke on August 27, 1587. With winter around the corner, the colonists began to wonder how they would prepare themselves. On August 28, 1587, John White and two other men left the settlement to return to England to gather supplies. When he arrived in England, there was a war raging on with Spain. They used all of their ships in the war and had no ships left for White to return back on. Three years later, after the war with Spain ended, John White sailed back to the new colony with supplies. He arrived back to Roanoke in 1590. When he returned, the entire colony had vanished. All of the buildings they built were gone. All of the land they used to grow their crops had grown back. All of the people living here had vanished. The entire island was deserted. The only thing that was left was a fence post with the word “Croatoan” carved into it and the word “Cro” carved into a nearby
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