Blood On The River Analysis

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Did you ever wanted to sail to the new world to get gold and other treasure’s. In 1607 John Smith (Captain Smith) brought some colonist with him to build the new world. . The book blood on the river is about Samuel who was an orphan.Samuel got transferred to captain smith as a page and they sailed to the new world with some other colonist. Jamestown conflict was to survive because the colonist had to get there own prey and build shelter. Samuel was aggressive Charaterin the beginning of the book, he was caring in the middle of the book, and he was loving at the ending. Samuel was very aggressive in the beginning of the book “Blood on the river.” Captain Smith and Mr. Wingfield were fighting and Samuel was excited about it. The author states, “Yes! I want to smash his face in. I want to shout smash is face in!.” I want to see blood spurt out from Mr. Wingfield high ranking nose. “ This shows that Samuel is aggressive because he wants to see other people hurt. Later in the book it shows that Samuel is aggressive when Samuel and Richard were fighting and the author states“ His cheeks are swollen and one of his eyes is turning purple. I am proud of my handiwork” Sameral is aggressive because he doesn 't like when people annoy himself or tease him. All he does to solve it is to use his fists. A while later in the book, it shows that Samuel is aggressive when he and Richard were in the middle of a disagreement and the author wrote “ I glare at him silently as he turns

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