Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Of Plymouth Plantation

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The Colonies who built the New World The early 16th century, many british colonies came to the new world for various reasons, some for power, money, land, and for religious reasons. This idea of coming to a land of freedom to do whatever they want and to create a new way of living among the natives that already had been stable in the new world. John Smith and William Bradford in their stories, the General History of Virginia John Smith and Of Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford they had explained how they struggled in the boat to come to the new world and how they had to work together to survive in an unknown land with no resources. Smith and Bradford support their explanation by illustrating how they were able to build a community in the new world and their interrelations with the native Americans. Their purpose is to demonstrate how the new world was formed by their small colonies and their intentions to come to the new world in order to have a clearer perspective on why they came. Like in Jamestown and in Plymouth Plantation they had similarities and differences to become one of the first colonies to stable in America. …show more content…

They had incredible stories about their journey here in the new world, America, they had their views on conquering this land for their benefit of religion or wealth. In acknowledging both colonies I can say that the colony I would like to travel with would be Plymouth Plantation because they were more peaceful with their surroundings and the natives. They came to the new world for religious reasons, not to cause harm. They help each other when one of there crew member was ill and they also traveled as a family. Not like Jamestown, it was everyone for themselves, they had a goal to make themselves rich by planting tobacco and they were selfish about the land they were in and stealing food from the

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