Compare And Contrast Pilgrims And Puritans

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Coming from the same domicile. Living amongst each other trying to decide how can they remain neighbors and still live comfortable. Unfortunately the Pilgrims and Puritans couldn’t come up with the solution to the problem. Having to deal with the same oppression together by King James and his followers should have brought them closer but instead the pilgrims and puritans had their old engender. Both wanted to seek freedom. The different in between the two was the way they thought of Christianity. They both had strong beliefs in the way a Christian should live and act. Puritans set out to make the Religion stricter and more purity than before. While the Pilgrims thought it was too strict and wanted to let loose of some of things they felt was not necessary as a Christian. So they both sought out of England in search of a new Life and new beginning. As for both groups originally coming from England were similar in ways of getting away from King James. Both group agreed on the way Kings James treated them and they very much dislike his wicked treatment. Both of their journeys had a great cause of the separation from England. Both groups wanted to seek freedom in different ways but still did not come to agreement within themselves beside the fact the wanted to get away from King James and his way of castigation. Pilgrims and Puritan are similar But yet so different. The Pilgrims thought they were elected by god for salvation and only wanted to associate themselves with people

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