Compare And Contrast Virginia And Plymouth Plantation

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The History of Virginia and the Plymouth Plantation were both stories that had some similarities, but also had differences that made these stories relate to each other and also show how they had different goals to accomplish while exploring the New World. Captain John Smith and William Bradford were both settlers that wanted to achieve their goals during their journey to the New World. These two Captains had different ways of treating their fellow crew that helped them along the exploration, which is the main differences that they had. William Bradford was a captain that was looking to achieve Religious freedom in the New World, and Captain John Smith was more of a person that wanted to gain wealth and profit. Both Captain John Smith and Captain …show more content…

Captain John Smith was a person that was more focused on profit and wealth which was his flaw. John Smith had this saying that illustrated what kind of person he was “He that will not work shall not eat”. This showed how selfish Smith was, because he cared about his fame and fortune rather than taking care of his men and the people of Virginia. These men had to work in plantations which concentrated more on tobacco because this was their top selling cash crop. This crop was an important crop that gained Captain John Smith’s wealth. John Smith was also a man that didn’t really care about anything and never helped anyone, because he thought it was every man for himself. All he was doing was demanding these poor American Indians and his own men to do his work for him while he just sits down and watch everyone build his fame and fortune for him. The establishment of Virginia was a very harsh environment which had many people suffering along their voyage to the New World. Poor sanitation, new diseases, and poop nourishment were all key factors of why the New World was a harsh place. Many of Captain John Smith’s crew members were a part of the elite class and they didn’t have the proper techniques or skills to grow crops, so they used the American Indians to help them build these Plantations for these

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